March 6, 2013

Here's Where I Blog

Kim and Toni asked us to join her in posting a photo of our work desks.

I aim to please and so here is a photo I took tonight of my computer desk.

This is where I blog. I don't keep much on the desk so it is usually pretty neat and clean.

Garfield usually rests on a Victorian gentleman's chair on the right  side of the desk with his own wedding ring quilt and , of course, his very own Hello Kitty!

My day consists of taking care of several blogs one of which is more political/environmental/etc and has a bigger viewership than here.  That can take a lot of time but I keep that completely separate from this blog. Never the twain shall meet, as they say.
I also spend time writing(you know that I sometimes do ghost writing for novels) and doing art, cleaning up as best I can since I can't stand up too much at all anymore.
I also crochet a lot. I work on various things including afghans.

Each day I keep up with my reading and learning and my one big indulgence.. my soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

I was seeing it on Hulu since my television died, but today I got a TV from GoodWill for $21.00. It is a very nice 31 inch Sony.      It works beautifully too.

It was EXTREMELY windy and rainy today and still is tonight.  Garden chairs went flying across the lawn and they are not light either.  It rained most of the day and its still blustery and wild out there.


  1. Hi Annie! Your desk is charming and I love, love, LOVE that mirror! I have such a fondness for shabby chic. Thank you for sharing with us where you blog from. :) I had no idea you were a ghost writer! Yay for learning something new! :)

    I'm glad that storm is over. Thankfully it changed to rain for us and we didn't get the snow they were predicting. The wind was something else though. Have a great Thursday! Hugs!

  2. Hi Annie,
    I knew you were a ghost writer and that you had a political blog that has always made me very curious since I am very political and my FB is all about politics and cats lol I like you space from where you blog very cute and Garfield is adorable. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Annie! Posting our desk photos was a homework assignment years ago. My desk has changed a couple times since then. Yours looks very neat and comfortable. Cute photo of Garfield and how nice to have a companion as your blog. :) I miss All My Children- watched that since college until the day it went off. They're planning on bringing it back online.

    It's supposed to take several days to know if the cortisone shot helps but went thru the procedure fine and have been busy running around today. (((Hugz)))

  4. Garfield is adorable! Your "blogging space" looks very comfy. :)
    Happy International Women’s Day!
    Have a lovely Friday! xo

  5. Hi Annie;

    Nice place to blog. Your desk is looks comfortable and neat. Love the mirror on the wall too. Great photo of Garfield resting by the desk as you compute. Hugs


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