March 15, 2013

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The news is that I will be having spinal surgery, there is no alternative. The condition is very severe and the only way I will walk again is with fusion and the addition of a rod and pins to stabilize the spine. Anything else would be temporary and fleeting and not do much and I can't go on like this. The nerves are impinged in all the worst of places.
The surgeon said then I have a 70% chance of walking and standing normally. So, that's not too bad.    He can't say that I will ever be pain free since I have developed arthritis in the spine that is severe and of course surgery can't help that.    But I just want to be able to walk again, and stand again.

 It is hard not being able to do so many things anymore.    So in 3 weeks I go back for more evaluation and then surgery will after that but I don't have a date yet. Then I guess a stay in rehab. Ugh.
 Not the greatest news but, I hope they can fix me. I just wish there was another way.
 My doctor is great though and has a good reputation including with his patients who give him thumbs up. That's always good to know. So that is my news of the day.
 Poor Garfield will be beside himself since he is joined to the hip with me. I hope my family will care for him and spend time with him and I will leave him some clothing to cuddle with.   He has lost so much of his family and its hard for him to be alone.
Talk to you later!
Have a special and peaceful weekend......


  1. Hi Annie, I'm so sorry to read that you have to go through the surgery but I'll be praying that you're able to walk and stand normally afterwards! I hope you have a lovely weekend and a good St. Patty's day. Hugs.

    Ps. A good Dr is always a BIG plus. :)

  2. My dear Annie ... I have a friend a little younger than you who had this same type of surgery, and she did just fine. It gave her a new life. Peg and I will be praying for the Lord's restoration in your life the very same way. We send peace and love ...

  3. Hi Annie,
    So sorry about the surgery news! But 70% sounds pretty good! I just hope your pain goes away also. I am worried about my kitties to while I am gone. I am sure your family will take good care of Garfield. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs. Dru

  4. Hi Annie,

    I'm so sorry that you have to go through the surgery. I'll be praying that all goes well and you will be able to walk and stand normally afterwards. 70% sounds good and I'm sure you'll get the best of care my friend. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie! I know the thought of surgery is daunting but it sounds like there's a really good chance that it will work and give you your life back as I know you want it to be. Keep us posted on further evaluations and a schedule for the surgery. Wish you were closer as I'd be happy to spend time with Garfield. I'm sure your family will do a good job of keeping him company. (((Hugz)))

  6. Kia and Zeno17 March, 2013

    Ciao Annie, so sorry to read that you have to go through the surgery, but glad that it sounds like there is a very good chance that it will work. :) Hugs!!

  7. Hi Annie,
    Praying for you and your upcoming surgery! Keep us up to date as to what is happening.

  8. Oh Annie I am so sorry and even sorrier that I haven't been here before now to find this out. I will pray for a speedy recovery and very good results. I know how it is to have pain and walking is so important. Bless your heart I will be hoping for Garfield to survive your not being there but I am sure your family will take good care of him.

  9. I sure do hope the surgery will be successful and that you will be walking and be pain free afterwards. I'll be thinking of you.


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