April 4, 2013

Just a Quick Note...

Just a quick post as I am getting ready for my afternoon appointment...
I was reading a lovely blog this morning, just now in fact and the post was describing how the house had been photographed for a national magazine and the process involved.
Just not interested
Her dresser is covered with family photos and pictures that looked lovely.
 One of the pictures was a religious picture of a saint  and the photographer removed it from the woman's dresser and replaced it with something else because of it's  'religious conotations".
Huh? This is a private home. People have personal items in their own homes.
I found this upsetting to say the least that today, even in one's own home, a person has to pander and cater to supposed sensitivities of  some potentially offended people.
 Generic homes, generic people without interests, beliefs or personal views.. all the human interest is gone from such stories!
Nothing generic about that lady's home though.. just beautiful.
Anyway, I  had to rant about it, so I came here since the cat is not interested.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Good luck today wirh your appoinment for the surgery. I think a lot of people are turned off to religion of lately! The Catholic church and their scandals etc.... But I don't know why the photographer found it fit to take the picture out for his photo?? Maybe she should of put her foot down and said no? I like how Garfield has no interest at all lol great picture! Hugs, Dru

  2. I would be mad and ranting too. I have some religious stuff in my house and I never take it down or hide it when my non-religious friends come over to visit or when students come over for piano lessons. They know who I am and they've never been offended by my stuff.

  3. Hi Annie. Your friends house must be gorgeous but sometimes we need to say "NO" and mean it. Love the kitty sleeping away w/o a care in the world. Keeping you in prayer today. Hugz!

  4. Hi Annie! I hope all went well at the Dr yesterday. Did you get a date for your surgery? I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for you that it helps!

    I have to agree with Dru. I think a lot of people are turned off by Religion these days but that doesn't mean people don't have the right to have their beliefs displayed. Especially in their own home! I'm with you, I think it's offensive that the photographer even suggested that the photo be removed. I watched a speech a while ago and a very successful professor said, "Political correctness is killing this country." On some levels, I think he's correct. Hope you have a great Friday! Hugs

    ps...Garfield is adorable!

  5. What happened? My comment vanished and I don't think I hit publish.... anyway, don't get me started on political correctness. I've had it with all the tiptoeing around so as not to offend anyone. The latest was the "Spring Bunny!" OY! And I think it's ridiculous that Obama felt the need to apologize for calling the CA attorney general good-looking. You can't compliment someone without being sexist? It's not like he said that was all she had going for her. It's too much!


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