April 3, 2013

Middle of the Week

It is April already and tomorrow I find out the date for my surgery. They will hopefully release the trapped nerves and then stabilize my spine with rods and pins. Skies are blue and sunny today and that is never a bad thing. I have so many projects that I want to do but I can pretty much not do anything right now. There are dining chairs to recover, piano bench needs recovering and restuffing.. tons of things I have had to put off. It gets boring when you have to just veg out. Have a great rest of Wednesday and I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


  1. Hope you get an early date so you can get it over with and start the process of getting better! Will be interested to hear about what they think your rehabilitation will be like, etc... Getting ready to leave for Justin's- trying to get there later in the day because he works from home many days. Will take the dogs to the beach first which is only a mile from his house. (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie,
    I hope you get an early date also!! Happy April and have a great Wednesday. Hugs. Dru

  3. Hi Annie, Thanks for the quick answer to my question. I don't live in Ohio anymore either. I chose Florida for my retirement years. I see where you are from PEI. How exciting! All I can think about is Anne of Green Gables. The series is one of my all time TV favorites.

    So you're having a procedure done on your back. Hope you get an early date so that you can be on your way to healing. You'll be in my thoughts & prayers. Hugz!

  4. Hope you get an early date as well and that all goes well!


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