April 23, 2013

Reality Check

You just must see this touching commercial.
What do you think about it?


  1. Hi Annie,
    I did see this snippets on TV and FB but watched the while thing here and it is amazing isn't it. How some of us see themselves huh? I would be very curious how I would describe myself and compare it to how other see me. My fear would be that I would describe myself to be better looking than people see me ;) Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Dru

  2. LOL at what Dru said. I saw this ad and I really think the Dove ads are great. The one with the young girls- swimmer, dancer, etc... always makes me tear up... the first few girls look so self-conscious. :( (((Hugz)))

  3. Powerful! Thanks for sharing, Annie. Happy day! xo

  4. Happy Monday Annie;

    I've seen this ad before and love Dove ads. It's amazing how different we see ourself from the way others see us. We can also see the difference from looking in a mirror and then seeing a photo of us. Truth is both the mirror and photo aren't what we truly look like, the photo is more realistic. Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie! Just passing by to wish you a lovely Monday. I hope you had a nice weekend and were able to get outside to enjoy the weather. Hugs


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