April 29, 2013

Regency Era

The Regency Era has always been one I have found interesting and romantic. Jane Austen's novels delight me and the films made from the novels are wonderful so when I found this lovely series entitled Regency House Party, I was intrigued. While not new, I did not have the opportunity to see the series through until the end the first time around but it is now available again and I have just completed it.
 I watched a few of the other programs that centered on living in other eras as well. They faced some problems they could not figure out. I was surprised at the Edwardian lady in the 1900 House who could not figure out and was exasperated by constant dust in her home.
When you heat a home with coal, dust is a problem or can be. She seems never to have heard of damp mopping and I was amused at her sweeping dust around from place to place with a broom. Damp mopping was well known in those eras as well. They also were stymied by how to wash their hair with soap.
 My grandmother told me how they washed their hair with castile soap and finished off with a rinse of vinegar water which removes every trace of soap from the hair and leaves it shining and soft.
I know that a cup of vinegar was often used in washing machines years ago to clear out soap residue. That's back when we used such things as Ivory Snow , pure soap, to wash baby clothes.
 I hope you enjoy this snippet from the very first episode. If you watch the series, let me know what you think. I would love to discuss the series with someone.


  1. Hi Annie,
    I have never heard of Regency House Party. I am not a fan of period movies or TV shows really. Once many years ago my Aunt Tilly went to a see a period movie with her sister my Granny and it was a period movie. She looked at Granny and said "this is really an old movie" I laughed over that story for years with my Granny, we were movie buddies. I grew up loving movies because of Granny and have passed it on to my kids :) I remember the shampoo and vinegar stories also from my Granny. Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! This show looks rather interesting but I'm a little leery of it because I absolutely hate dating shows but I'll give this one a watch to see what it's like.

    My parents used to use vinegar in the washing machine as well. Have a lovely Tuesday!

  3. How interesting. I remember my grandmother and mother having me rinse my hair with vinegar and I always wondered why they ever had the idea that it was good to do. I am thinking now it must have been passed down..lol

  4. Hi Annie! I love all the films and miniseries based on Jane Austen novels, too. Funny about the dust... coal must've really been a problem but we still get dust all the time and you wonder where it all comes from! It's always interesting when a sunbeam catches the dust! Dusting is one of my least favorite tasks! Vinegar is a miracle! And baking soda and so many of the other old-fashioned remedies for things! (((Hugz)))

  5. I haven't heard of this but I love period pieces, I will have to watch this! My Mom used vinegar in the washer too.

  6. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    I love it! I'll have to check this series out and start watching. I gather you watch it from YouTube Annie? It looked so familiar but I think it's because I watch all of Jane Austin and own all the dvds.
    My mom used to rinse our hair out each week after washing with vinegar. I rem,ember as a very young child, coal was delivered to our house through a shoot in the basement. Yes I'm old enough to remember. LOL! Hugs my friend.

  7. I've not seen Regency House Party yet but I have seen 1900 House, 1940's House, Frontier House and Colonial House. I love those kind of shows. I agree, I thought the lady in the 1900 House was a bit of a whiner! :)


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