May 13, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow!

Some new photos I took. The outdoor ones were taken from the front door.
the little pond in need of grooming
Also i wanted to ask you to let me know which template design you like best.
I have been fiddling with the old blogger design, which I like much better personally although it does not allow for photos in comments. But, it does allow greater freedom of design I think,
  Please compare it to this design and let me know which you like best?
HERE is the old style blog set up.

This is something I never did share with you. I make blogs for special occassions. It takes only a little time and its something a person can save and have forever.  I made them for my kids and grand-kids   but want to extend it for others too.

HERE is the one I made for my daughter this year.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Big Bucket of Mountain pinks
The hospital just called and I have to be there at 6:00AM tomorrow morning to register in for my surgery which should take about 3 hours.
I will be in the hospital for 3 days and 10 days of rehab after that might be necessary but I am hoping I can just come home and get therapy here.

 I don't want to leave Garfield alone too long as he is old. My daughter and friends will look in on him and be sure he has some company each day and fresh water and food, so that's good. Still he is stuck like glue to me and this will be hard on him. I am really hoping that I can come home and do rehab some other way besides being in a rehab facility. We will see.

Garfield napping
Since I don't have a laptop or fancy phone, I will ask my daughter to post some updates for me to let you know how I came through.

 I also want to tell you all that I do so value your friendship. I have come to love you all as good friends, even unseen, from reading your thoughts, sharing your lives and photos of your families.

You have become dear to me and I have come to count on your concern and prayers, which I also return to you.

Ponytail girl

 I leave with this pondered in my heart:
 "But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and he will stand upon the earth at the last." 
He will see me through this in whatever way is best.
Thank you all for your love and concern. It means the world to me.



  1. I will be praying for you my friend. Your maker and keeper has never failed you yet has He? And He isn't going to start now.

    Sending blessings with a smile to you.


    1. Prayers are much appreciated and thank you very much!

  2. Will be thinking and praying for your surgery and quick rehab. Love the new blog design.

  3. My dear Friend ,
    You are in all our thoughts . We surround you with love , prayers and sincere best wishes for your speedy healing and recovery ! May the concern and kindnesses you have lavished on each of us be returned to you a hundred-fold and the peace of God be with you always .

  4. Hi Annie,
    You will be in my thoughts daily. I am happy your daughter will give us updates so we won't worry! I know how you feel about leaving Garfield hopefully you will be able to come home instead of a 10 day rehab. Fingers and toes crossed. Take care and have a speedy recovery my dear friend. (((((HUGS))))) Dru

  5. You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers today, I hope the surgery goes well and the rehab does as well! All the best. (p.s. I like the new template!) Pretty girl in the last photo!

  6. Hi Annie! Was checking in to see if your daughter posted. I agree... my blog friends are dear to me as well. I've been thinking about you all day! I'm sure your shadow Garfield is missing you so good that he'll have some visitors to check in on him. don't want him taking off to the hospital to look for you! :) I like the design of the old blog but I also think it's nice how you can add the photos here- didn't know they could go on the side like that. The birthday blog is adorable! Will check in often to hear how things went! (((Big Hugz)))


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