June 11, 2013

No Place Like Home

View from the hospital window . See the ocean?
I am home, sore and sleepy but I can walk  again.
The day I stood up alone in therapy and saw myself in the mirror, I cried. It's been so long and so hard but, I can stand up straight!
I will be taking pain meds and relaxers for a few more weeks but over all I am doing pretty fine.
I had lost 80% of my body's mobility and now my family can see the huge difference in me that the surgery made.
The pain of the surgery, including a 10 inch incision on my spine is not anywhere are awful as the pain was before.  And with this pain, I know I am healing.  Whether I will get the feeling back in my feet and legs and saddle area is not known but I am hoping for the best and already feeling some different sensations.
I have not been able to stand up straight for years, nor could I walk without help or a wheel chair and now I can walk around a  bit , stand up still for 8 minutes and that will improve as I heal.
I am so grateful to God for all of this and to all of you for your prayers and  well wishes that helped me so much too.
 After a 4 hour surgery, I was in the hospital for 5 days and then I spent the remaining time in rehab which is owned by family and considered one of the finest around.  I got great treatment there and top notch physical and occupational therapy which will continue now on an out patient basis for a while too.
Physical therapy got me up and walking, climbing stairs, strengthening atrophied leg muscles, etc.
Occupational therapy got me dressing myself and maneuvering around  a  house.
Best of all I am with Garfield now and he is not lonely anymore.
Of course my family came to spend time with him and to keep things going while I was away but, he really missed me.
My kids did a magnificent job of taking care of him, the house and visiting me and now helping me around the house as I need it. I don't know what I would do without them. If I did anything right in this world it was raising good kids.

I got my wish of a room with a view in the hospital. The dull gray  stuff in the bad phone photo is the Atlantic.
Poor color, bad quality and the view was much nicer but, my eyes are blurry from anesthesia and meds and so I never really got to see it anyway. Really, I could not have cared less at that point either. 

At rehab I got to walk outside in the lovely gardens and that was a first for me in a long, long time.. just to walk around.. no chair in sight.

I cannot sit in one place too long so blogging may be light for a while but I will visit around to say hi.
Again, thank you all.


  1. OMG! Annie! Welcome home! Big hugs are coming your way with prayers & wishes for your speedy recovery. Yours is a miraculous story. God bless and please stay in touch. Hugz!!

  2. Anonymous11 June, 2013

    Hi Annie;

    Welcome home my friend. I am happy and thrilled for you and your family (including Garfield) and I thank the Lord you are recovering and able to walk and stand up straight. Now don't go dancing hip hop or whatever kind of dancing they are doing today yet!. ;-}
    God bless you dear Annie. Hugs

  3. I am so happy to read your news and I got teary too about you being able to stand now! I'm sure you will get stronger all the time and I know you will work hard! Poor little Garfield... I'm sure he did miss you and he must be purring happily away now that he has you back! your little shadow buddy! I just got a call today for my microdiscectomy- July 12th. Who knows... maybe I'll be better by then! :) Welcome back!! (((Huge - but gentle- Hugz))))

  4. Welcome home, Annie! I am so glad to hear your wonderful news. It honest to God has put such a big smile on my face. I honestly could not be happier for you. Keep up the fantastic recovery! I'm so glad that you're home and with your beloved Garfield. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie,
    I am so happy for you! Great news you are able to stand again! I am happy that your family has been so helpful. Thank goodness for family huh?? Welcome back and good luck with the rest of your recovery. Hugs, Dru

  6. This has been a light in my day to hear how well you are doing. You have truly been watched over by our Lord and given back your abilities again. I am sure it is just going to get better as time goes on. Bless your wonderful family for the help they have given you and I am so very happy for you.

  7. Sooo glad you're home !!!
    This is indeed an answer to many prayers on your behalf !
    Know that you have but to call,and friends and family will mobilize to help ! Prayers continue for your complete healing,painless and free mobility ,and that all YOUR prayers are answered ! Love , Katy

  8. Very glad to hear you are doing better every day and regaining what once was. Isn't it nice to be home? Especially in time for summer! Wishing you the best with your therapy!

  9. such happy news! I am so happy you are on the road to recovery. I pray the pain subsides too xo

  10. Happy Friday Annie!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  11. I am not sure if you got my comment? It was weird how it just disappeared?? Well lets try it again? Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Dru


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