July 12, 2013

Rain by the bay today. It is nice to be inside on a cooler day hearing the rain fall in on the water , trees and
bushes outside.
A good day for a short afternoon nap with a furry friend.
Outside my Black Eyed Susans have exploded in yellow glory.
We are all keeping good thoughts and prayers for Darylynn who underwent her back surgery this morning.

Do you recall the old saying or ad really, "Families that pray together, stay together"?
It is true for families and for friends!


  1. Prayers speeding on behalf of Darylynn!she has been part of a special group of wonderful ladies who share thoughts and prayers with you.May her kindnesses be returned a hundred-fold!
    P.S.-Love your header!Something about sharing moonlight with friends is tranquil and comforting.Your flowers are terrific!
    Enjoy the day and your new-found mobility!

  2. Hope all went well with Darylynn! Very pretty flowers. I love this time of year.

  3. Hi Annie! I am doing so great and I know my surgery was peanuts compared to yours. My incision is barely over an inch long so there you can appreciate the difference. I haven't even needed any of the pain meds the doctor prescribed. So thanks for your prayers and good wishes as they surely did work! I love the black corners photo- I remember putting those on in the old days... and then they went over to the photo pages that had the big plastic sticky cover. Now everything is digital. Wondering how you are doing and Garfield, too? (((Hugz)))

  4. Your Black Eyed Susans are lovely, Annie! Happy day to you. :)

  5. Hi Annie,
    I found your blog from Darylynn's so I thought I would stop by for a visit. Your black eyed susans are beautiful! I so hope you stop by and visit me sometime! Have a great day!

  6. Hi Annie, I like your picture with the corners. Makes me want to scrap. Sounds like you are doing better each days and yes prayers are a big help. Have a great week. Hugs

  7. Love the flowers. Hope you are keeping cool. Very hot and humid here and I am staying indoors. Having some health problems and don't need the heat to go along with it.

  8. Having trouble commenting..I must be a robot :)

  9. Hi Annie! Just passing by to try to catch up and say hi. I remember the saying and I know there's a movie floating about with that title. Beautiful photos! Hope you're having a wonderful week. Hugs

  10. Hi Annie! Thanks for visiting. My blog roll show you posting 4 hours ago yet I don't see a new post here. Still wondering how Garfield is doing. (((HUGZ)))


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