July 30, 2013

Summer Update

Summer took a hiatus while we have had cool temperatures and thunder storms for a few days. It is cooler today but sunny and lovely outside.

I have been resting and walking 30 to 40 minutes each day but humid days increase pain in the surgery site which is quite large.
Otherwise I am doing fine I think. So nice to walk around I don't let pain get in my way!
The ponds are clear and clean, filled with happy fish and loud frogs!
We are enjoying old episodes of Rosemary and Thyme on BBC TV and quiet afternoons by the water.
The famous Farmer's Almanac says we are due for a few searingly hot days to come. I hope they are wrong. The cooler weather is nicer.
The Famous Anonymous Kid is growing up. She is a 7th grader now. How did that happen?


  1. Hi Annie, thanks for that reminder about being there for my family. I am praying that time will heal my broken heart. Meanwhile, I will keep moving forward with life.

  2. Hi Annie! I need to update my blog but just haven't had much time nowr much news to report. Saw my doctor for post-op visit and all is going well. He removed all the pads from my back brace so it's more comfortable and easier to hide. See him again September 5th then no more back brace and I can start physical therapy. Haven't see my bill yet but sure it will pale in comparison with yours. Thank goodness for good insurance! The FAK is all grown up and a lovely young lady now! (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Annie,
    Hope you continue to feel better each day. The FAK is so pretty, very nice pic. :)
    I finally posted on my blog and not a test! lol

  4. How wonderful to hear you're getting out ! You've missed that and the ponds...good to be back !
    The Kid is quite a beauty...one can see it comes from the inside...a kind , lovely person all the way through .
    Have a comfortable day , encouraged by the warm thoughts of all those who care about you ! Love , Katy

  5. Hi Annie. Happy to see an update from you. So glad you are doing better each day. The heat can be dreadful, I know. Stay cool and comfortable!

  6. Hi Annie, I hope you are doing better each day. Can you see the water from your home? I will be at the beach this Saturday for awhile with the grandkids. I am trying to blog more again. Have a great week. Hugs

  7. Ciao Annie, so glad you are feeling better and better! :)
    The Famous Anonymous Kid is a lovely young lady. xo


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