July 17, 2013

Socializing with Wolves

87° F. humidity 67%

The girls loved this experience with wolves at the County Fair!
 Long ago a wolf came into our house.
We thought it was just a big fluffy dog that weighed nearly 190 pounds. What did we know.
 He towered over my 6 foot tall father when he reared up. He stayed for a week, loved our Scottish terrier but when he chased our tiny gray cat like he was hunting dinner, his visit was over .
He went for the mountains behind the house and our neighbor who was a part time real Mountain man said, "How did you get a wolf in the house?"


  1. Hi Annie,
    That is really cool to hang with wolves :) I had the pleasure to hug a few when I was in Lake Tahoe a few years ago. I guess you are lucky he didn't see your dog as dinner also? That would be the time to let him loose for sure. Such beautiful creatures! Have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Dru

  2. Post is showing now. :) Glad to hear Garfield is starting to eat Sheba food. I'm not sure if it was Sheba or Fancy Feast but Sadie fed one of those to her cat Dudley and they had flavors that catered to the British palate...like kidney pie, etc... I thought it was funny!

    Wolves are beautiful...we saw them in Yellowstone where they are making a comeback. Yikes about having one in your house!!!

  3. The girls are being exposed to such cool stuff !
    A county fair AND wolves ?!! Wonderful experiences !
    Today is supposed to be...um...toasty!...stay cool and hydrated , my friend .Sending happy thoughts your way...love ,Katy

  4. Hi Annie, that is such a pretty picture of the girls with a wolf.
    I have only seen them at the zoo. Your weather sounds like ours except
    our humidity is not as high. Thank goodness for health insurance!


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