July 18, 2013

The cost of getting well is not cheap. Bills for the surgery are already way up into 6 figures.
My bone stimulator alone was a cool $4995.00 according to the statement that my insurance sent me today.
It hasn't cost me a cent so far, except for a hair salon appointment in  rehab to have my hair washed and cut that cost me only $28.00 and was one of the nicest cuts I have ever had.

I could not shower for a few weeks and so they used a  special cap that allowed me to sit up straight in a chair and have it washed. The water drained down a plastic chute into the sink. It was wonderful to have clean hair!   You really appreciate things when you do without for a while.

We are back to hot (97° F)  and humid again with  some severe thunderstorms predicted for Saturday.  It is the humidity that makes it bad.
My sweet little cat seems to be gaining some weight back which is wonderful.


  1. Hi, Annie. Hospital bills are outrageous! It's no wonder that health insurance is so much.
    Glad you could finally get your hair washed. Sounds like quite a gadget. Somehow washing your hair makes you feel good all over. Take care. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie,
    Yes Hospital's charge outrageous prices! I bet you felt really good after your haircut and shampoo wow $28 is the cheapest I have ever heard of. Not that I pay prices like my family and friends do but it is a lot more than $28. Hope you are healing and that bone simulator is working!Hugs, Dru

  3. You wonder how much things actually cost...without all those middlemen.You're right about appreciating things you've done without for awhile.We can get so caught up in the details of daily living,sometimes the beauty of the moment is missed .
    So glad you and your dear furry friend are on the mend! Be well!

  4. Glad that both you and your furry friend are feeling much better. :)

  5. Hi Annie. Yikes! Costs are really out of sight. Thank God for insurance. Hugz!


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