August 8, 2013

August Days

I t seems that bloggers are taking a rest from posting this summer. So much going on for many. My excuse was bad weather that gave me  back pain that left me drained and it was hard to sit at the computer for too long, though I have been posting on my other blog.
 I was 5'4 1/2" before my spine surgery.      Now, with the addition of rods to support the collapsed bones, I am up to 5'6 1/4", an all time high. I felt taller and now that I can stand up straight for the first time in years, it is quite a nice view from up here. 

July came in hot and ended cool and rainy.  There was thunder today from a sunny sky, but no rain  came. 
The rest of the summer will see the Famous Anonymous Kid and I baking once a week: breads, pies, cakes and brownies as well as cookies.

What will you be doing?


  1. Hi Annie, sorry to hear that your back is bothering you. Mine does too at times with the change in weather or when it is cold. I am busy, but I want to journal it. I will check out your other blogs. I just updated again with lots of pictures. Hugs

  2. happy you are standing tall my friend xo

  3. Hi, Annie. We've had really hot temps here in Florida. I'd love some of your cooler weather in the evening. I hope your back is feeling better. Amazing to gain height but it must be lovely to stand up straight!

  4. Hi Annie,
    That is great you are standing tall! I hope your back is feeling better. I have not had the inclination to post lately. I am always busy but just out of the blogging mood. I might update later today? Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Hugs, Dru

  5. Folks used to say they could feel the weather change coming "in their bones"...turns out to be true !You are among those folks , sorry to say. As to your new height , growth not withstanding , I have always looked up to you,my friend ! Have a comfortable day , you and the Kitty !
    Love , Katy


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