August 13, 2013

California Here She Comes...

Tomorrow morning  very early my daughter is off to San Diego to give a lecture/presentation for her company.
 She came over tonight to help me give Garfield his thyroid pill and we talked about her last trip to Tombstone, Arizona. We ended up looking at real estate  online there.
She told me how she made a good impression on the head honcho of the business she had to see in southern Arizona because she knew the term 'rode hard and put up wet'.
 She got that from me and my horse raising, barrel racing days.  
 The term, by the way, refers to a sweaty horse that isn't properly cared for.    You have to dry them down and brush them or they don't do well at all.    

 There was a red sky this morning and sure enough, rain came. We are due again tomorrow as well but at least it keeps the heat down.
I'll be around to visit in the morning.
Good night!


  1. Hi Annie! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy San Diego. We used to visit often when Jessica was a student at UCSD and lived in La Jolla. Real estate took a hard hit in Arizona but I think it's coming back up like a lot of places. I love visiting Sedona and Scottsdale.

    Have you tried Pill Pockets (by Greenies) for Garfield? I bought those for Jessica and a cat sitter so they could pill Hayley. I just tip her head back and poke pills down her throat...she's a good pill-taker which is good since she needs them twice a day. (((Hugz)))

  2. We went to San Diego years ago. I think your daughter will like it there. I'm sure she will do well. Sedona Arizona is on our one day we will visit list, we often look through the real estate sections in Michigan looking forward to the day we can retire by the lake. xo P.S. Izzy takes his pills wrapped in a piece of bread ( wink)

  3. San Diego is lovely, your daughter will have a lovely time there. :)
    Have a lovely day! xo

  4. Hi Annie! I hope your daughter has a wonderful time in San Diego! I've heard from good sources that the weather is really nice. Speaking of weather, I don't know about you but I'm sure glad that humidity has finally broke. Ick.

    I hope you're feeling better! It's nice to read that you're standing up. :)

    Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. It's means a lot to me, a lot.
    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


  5. Hi Annie,
    To respond to your comment about the Health Care Reform Act it is over 30 hours a week that people will have to be insured and I only worked on a regular basis 22 hours a week so our hospital has other plans for us which have nothing to do with the new law that has been pushed off until 2015 anyway, it is a non issue until then for any company that has more then 50 people. That is great your daughter will be out our way just about 1 hour and 45 minutes from where I live is San Diego. My Mother grew up there. I am sure she will have a wonderful time there. Also I had a thingy that I put my cats pill in and then I just put it down the throat and opened it to drop in. It was like a long plastic thing. It was really easy that way. Hugs, Dru


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