August 14, 2013


Just to let everyone know since some were concerned that its hard for me to give my cat his pills. I can't do it since I cannot twist at all and believe it or not, giving pills to a cat involves                 a  certain amount of that.
 I can't even pick him up. Someone has to do that for me. It's always something , right?
We are using a plastic instrument that pushes the pill down the throat with water. Works very well. The vet gave it to me.
Isn't this a  beautiful wedding party!
This is just a story I thought was wonderful.
Dance teacher Katie Darby, now Mrs. Norman Gooch from Harwich, England,  included all her students as bridesmaids. 
80 students from age 2 to 17 made up the impressive bridal party.  What a lovely idea. The rest of the photos are just lovely  to see as well.
 Her bouquet is stunning.
photo: Rex USA
One comment that caught my eye on the story said that if people put as much effort into their marriages as they do into their weddings, there would be fewer divorces.
Wow, now ain't that the truth!   Nothing wrong with a large and lovely wedding but it does sometimes seem as though the event is all and not just a prelude to something more important.
 And that is no judgement on this wedding where the bride simply took the feelings of her young students , who begged to be in her wedding party, into consideration.
I think that is lovely.
Some who commented on the story seemed to have the idea that the bride had to pay for all the gowns.
In most wedding traditions, bridesmaids  pay for their own dresses don't they?

May the couple have many happy years.


  1. That's a big wedding party but I like the photo. My cat is terrified of everything and hates to be picked up but, to my surprise, it is very easy to give him his pills. I don't have a clue as to why.

  2. Hi Annie,
    You are using the thing I was trying to explain in my comment. I guess we did not realize you still couldn't twist around yet. I figured you needed help to just get that pill down! You are so right about putting the effort into the marriage as the wedding. Beautiful wedding but most my friends that had thos extravagant weddings are no longer together :( But my son and dil had a wonderful wedding on a yacht in Marina Del Rey with 150 family and friends and it was lovely and they are still going strong. I sure hope Garfield is doing OK?? Sounds like the meds will help him out. No new post until tomorrow. Hugs, Dru


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