September 16, 2013

Fall in the Air

Rain and chilly temperatures are here today.  Fall is in the air for sure.  Sunday will mark the first day of  fall 2013.

 I am here with hot coffee, which, no matter how hard I try always gets cold on me.  
I put the heat on for half an hour to take the damp out of the air. Garfield, now 18 years old, seems to feel it .
The other night was downright cold enough for heat to be on.   I don't leave it on, however.  I just warm up  the house and turn it off again.  Doesn't take much since the house is itty bitty.
 It is almost 2PM and it is only 60F and rain is falling intermittently.
 I used to love rainy days and really still do though it is true that injured areas don't like it much. 

  I have installed a  Gothic kind of Autumn look background from Shabby Blogs( credit link on bottom of my blog).
 It reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe stories and I always associate Ravens and Crows with autumn weather.
Candelabras seem to evoke a warm feeling as well, so the combination of crow and candelabra with orange is very autumn like to me.
 I love to hear crows cawing in the crisp autumn air. Their voices carry farther in the thinner fall air.

 My header hopefully reflects the final days between summer and fall when flowers are still blooming, but trees are beginning to show bright colors and grass is turning a bit gold.
The area where I live is on the bay but is also farming country, hence the barn.

 If you use the scripts available at Shabby or Cutest Blog on the Block and others, they may well interfere with changes to your Blogger template and changes you make might not take.
  You might need to uninstall them while making changes (simply copy and paste to notepad) and then put it right back.      That's been my experience. 

Also, if you don't want to lose your background you will have to unscramble their code to get to the image and save it for yourself. I can help you with that if you ever want to do it. Just give me the code and I will unscramble the jpg for you.  You will sometimes see blogs whose backgrounds have disappeared because they did not save the image themselves.  As long as you are giving them credit, I don't think they have a problem with you saving the image.  If they do, uh oh!
Cutest Blog has tutorials for making your own backgrounds and gives you a simple script you can use to make the background work on your blog . I have made several you have seen on here from their advice. Very easy and fun.

 I will be using the paid for background from Cosmic another time and will purchase another for fall and winter as well.  I love the pixel art look for blogs.

 At 4:00 I have to pick up the little at the bus stop.  I am ever so grateful to be able to walk. It still hurts, but its a lot better.
I better get moving with things I have to do.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Wow it is really cooling down for out there. We are just starting our Summer late since we had a very cool Summer. I love your background a lot. I have so many graphics I need to go through to apply to blogger. It is still fun decorating even though I don't have word press anymore. I am so happy Garfield is doing well at 18 years old. I sure hope Lily and my new baby coming home soon have a nice long life. Billy and Sam who had sudden kidney failure 3 years both were just 12 years old. Way to young! Have a evening. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie I like the new background too. I like the shabby look and would like to change some things when I move. I really like your header. So are those paintings you do?
    If I ever leave my domain, I will get blogger lessons from you. Praying for your town and your achy back too. Hugs

    1. Hi Susan,
      Yes I paint almost all of my headers.
      Thanks so much prayer is welcome! I treasure the prayers of my friends so much.

  3. Hi Annie! I'm loving this nice cool weather. I think today is only supposed to be 66 for us today. I'm not complaining! I also love the background you are using but I LOVE your header. You are so amazingly talented. Awww, I had no idea Garfield is that old. You're lucky! Our Merlin turns 15 on Christmas and thankfully he's still doing really well. He loves waking us up early in the morning chasing Lucy thru the house. lol Have a wonderful, COOL Tuesday. Hugs!


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