September 8, 2013


Clear  blue.

 This is the bay today.
 Happy, chatty gulls flying over head.
 Shore birds flitting around peeping at one another and enjoying the last bits of summertime sunshine.
Only the occasional breeze betrays a hint of fall in the air but the sun is still hot and bright.

I am going out today to get an upgrade on my old phone.
All I really want is a Princess phone .. it's little, it's lovely, it lights!
I love the idea of a nice rotary phone like we had when I was little.
My Aunt's house in Pennsylvania, up in the mountains, had a phone with no dial on it at all. You lifted the receiver and the operator came on.  They were a bit behind the times to say the least, but, we kids didn't like it since you couldn't make prank calls. Operators frowned on that sort of thing.  They had no sense of humor at all.
Tonight might be movie night for the Famous Anonymous and me.  I will let you know what we saw if we go.

It is a beautiful Sunday and I spent an hour sitting with Garfield in the open sliding door off the kitchen listening to the birds and watching chipmunks gather nuts.  Then Mr Skunk came around --we could smell his arrival in the woods-- so here I am writing on my blog.  
Hope your Sunday is going along nicely.
What are you doing?


  1. Hi Annie, today my middle son turned 30 and the whole family celebrated by having lunch and playing games at a placed called Daves. It was a nice day and yesterday was Audrina's party. I will be making Audrina a page in next day too. Happy Monday! Hugs

  2. Hi Annie! Happy Monday! Sounds like you had a pretty sweet Sunday! We still have a rotary phone and it works! It came with the house, so we left it hooked up. It sits in our laundry room and has come in handy a few times. :D If you went, hope you enjoyed the movie!

    Have a great day. Hugs


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