October 23, 2013

A Rainy Wednesday

The week has been lovely weather wise until this morning and now rain.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day and the last game of the season for the Famous Anonymous Kid's field
(this is photoshopped to seem as if thru a window on a rainy day)
hockey team.
The Famous is a goalie in field hockey as  she was in soccer and her coach says she is an excellent one, I am proud to say.    
She looked like a Transformer character in her super thick shin, chest, head and arm guards!
After a nice walk to the car and back to the house, she was off to piano lessons and I went home to have  dinner and do some work.
After work my daughter stops by --her home is steps from me really--- to help give Garfield his  pill, empty the cat box and help me out a bit, then she heads home. Busy girl to say the least but a huge help to me.
But last night the phone rang as she was just coming through the door. Daddy was on the way to the emergency room with the Little who had managed to close the car door on her hand,so my daughter turned around and flew to the hospital.
Thankfully the Little closed the door herself meaning not the same pressure as if it was an adult  or someone else doing it.
Nothing was broken but by the time they got home it was after 1:00 AM so I will find out more today when I see her.
How is your mid week going?


  1. Hi Annie,
    So many kids end up doing that. My DIL has a nail that is not normal because of that kind of injury. I had a few friends the same thing happened to them. Painful!! And there until 1:00 AM yikes. I wish we could have a rainy day here. We have had such little rain this year at all and I mean barely any. Hope you have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie; Sounded like a nice day until the Little one had her hand hurt. Hopefully she's better today. I know how painful it must have been for her. I remember my grandson & granddaughter both going through the same thing when they were youngsters.
    Very little rain here so far. You asked about doing a meme and I think it's a great idea. I miss them and like to post older ones of my favorites online. I used to have two of my own but they really never seemed to catch on. But I'm sure a lot of our friends would like doing a weekly one again, so I say go for it! :-} Hugs

  3. Hi Annie, one of my kids did the same thing. Just a bruised hand. I bet it is beautiful where you live. How far are you from NY city? Hubby and I will be in NY next year this time. We are driving and plan to go to Boston. Then head over to Niagra Falls. We plan on 2 weeks, but I think we are going to need more time. My daddy left me some money and he knew this was my dream trip. I need to study a map now. Have a great weekend! Hugs

  4. I'm so glad your grandchild was not terribly hurt, Annie! My daughter lost a finger tip in pre school when another child slammed a window down on her hand. It was very traumatic for us all! A plastic surgeon fixed it the best he could but she still has a deformity.


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