October 17, 2013

Autumn Daze

Weather--the rainy kind-- made my spine incredibly sore so I was not posting much this week.
I was truly in an autumn daze.

The weather is much nicer today.

Across the road
The trees have turned rust and red and yellow now and leaves are falling and blowers and mowers are moving and mulching them around.
Autumn really is here and it is a wonderful time of year.
Each day, except in the rain when a sweet neighbor brings her home, I pick up the little at the corner and we come home to have tea and do her kindergarten 'homework'. Most of the time it is tracing and writing letters, sight words like 'the' etc. and yesterday counting coins and learning which are which.
 It is nice to be doing school work once again. I think our school system here is very good in the elementary grades.
Today they require all sorts of degrees and etc. , but in the end teaching is a talent I think.
We kids knew who the good ones were.  We remember them all our lives and think of them often.
In my town there was a teacher who  was like Laura Ingalls  in that she taught with simply a high school education.  She was one of the greats and so beloved that in her old age grown students took care of her and shopped for her until the day she passed away.
I hope we can all be remembered for the good that we do.
Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. We are seeing our leaves fall off the trees before they have had a chance to change to their beautiful fall colors. So sad because I look forward to seeing the pretty colors. I hope some of them stay tree bound till they change.

  2. Lovely autumn photo! We get a lot of orange and yellow but not much red. I do HW with Ryan every day, too. When we do coin HW, I use real coins to help him count. I think the photos on the worksheets are confusing sometimes. Today was his 6th birthday! I better go write a little post now that I think of it. Have a great Friday and weekend!

  3. Happy Friday Annie :) Lovely picture. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Lovely photo - I can't wait to see the autumn colours in the NE next week! I agree, being a teacher is having that special talent and a good one can inspire a student to try and to do great things.

  5. Hi Annie, my grandson is in kindergarten and is in the first grade reading level. I see him doing his homework and he actually likes to do it. He likes that his mom has homework too now. My daughter has been doing "homework" with him and the girls. Audrina is 3 and Jazzy is 4 and they know their ABC's and sound and how to spell their name and more. It is amazing to see their little minds develop. I like it when they dress up as princesses and have tea parties. :) Have a great weekend. Hugs

  6. Hi Annie that is great I think everyone remembers their favorite teacher and those that are kind and do good. Such admiration for those that go beyond to help others is just a such a blessing. Have a wonderful week and your graphics and photos are lovely. Hugs

  7. Hi Annie, What a beautiful post. My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher Miss Adams. She was the one that nicknamed me Toni too. I pray you are feeling better dear friend. I too have been feeling change in the weather with pain in my arms and legs. Take care dear friend. Hugs

  8. Hi Annie! Beautiful autumn photo! Our fall isn't that pretty this year. :( Sadly our color is dull and the leaves are falling no sooner than they change. We have 4 bare trees in our yard already. My favorite teacher was my forth grade teacher, Mr. Tall. He also turned out to be my middle school principle. Hope you're having a lovely week so far. Big hugs!


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