October 2, 2013

Dressing French?


The article claims that dressing like a French woman will make you look 'chic, effortless and sexy' then proceeds to do just the opposite by showing professional scrawny runway models in ugly clothing.
These are not typical women.  These are not typical clothes.
French women have better ideas than this.

No, no , no.
 Not chic. 
Not effortless unless you dressed in a stupor and in the dark while suffering from some sort of mind control.
Sexy?    Oh, please.
This is more vampire girl  wears shabby/funky religious school clothing.  She is wearing mommy's pearls too. 

And this makes me want to take this poor girl to breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few weeks.  She is starving to death.
She can't smile.  It would use up the last bits of calories she has in her body!

A  cardigan and beachy old lady sandals do nothing for the dress or the girl.
She looks like a bag lady who found a fancy dress in a wheelie bin (dumpster).

 I must really be out of step.

What do you think?



  1. Particularly put off by that second model? What in the world is she selling?!

    Let's you and I chip in and buy her a sandwich, maybe tell her a joke or two.



  2. Hi Annie! This post made me LOL! I couldn't agree with you more. They both look so malnourished that if they fell, they would break everything. How can people idolize these girls when they look sick. Both of them look like vampires from not having any food. I'm not saying they need to eat snickers bars but dang, they need some carbs.

    Happy October!

  3. Hi Annie,
    I guess I must be crazy. I think they outfits are cute actually. On the second model I don't like the shoes with that fancy dress nor the sweater but I like the dress a lot. The top outfit is very mod I remember that look in the 60's in England. Twiggy type clothes. As far as their weight if they are normally that thin it is fine but if they starve themselves not good. I have friends that are that skinny and have a hard time gaining weight well even my son and grandson. They eat like horses and stay so thin. I hate them LOL Hugs, Dru

  4. Someone is out of step but I don't think it's us! I'll take curvy anyday! Hugz!

  5. This post made me laugh, the top skirt looked the dog got it. The girl on the bottom looks like she jumped out of bed after a late night. A dress that makes you look really flat does nothing either. Sad
    But you made me laugh and that is good.

  6. I don't know but I rarely see anything on a runway that I care for. I agree the models are frighteningly thin and really...would a smile kill them? And why the black eyes? I prefer the old Christie Brinkley type of model who is vivacious, curvy and physically fit. Hope you have a great weekend! (((Hugz)))

  7. Hi Annie! Just passing by to say hi and to wish you a good Monday!

  8. Hi Annie, happy Tuesday; I totally agree with you. Those poor models look anorexic and their bones could crack any second. As for the chic style, words elude me. Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend. Hugs

  9. French ladies are always very elegant, but I've never seen one dressed like these poor starved models, LOL! Will keep an eye open next time I go to Paris, tho'. ;)
    Have a happy day!

  10. Happy Hump day, Annie! I hope you're having a wonderful week.

  11. Oh, Annie, you hit it right on the head! Even if I liked the outfit, I would be turned off by the skinny models with the woe-be-gone look and sad eyes. I often wonder who in the world really thinks that women want to dress like that! Not chic or sexy. Just sad. Have a great day! Hugs

  12. Hi Annie, I hope you are ok, Have a great weekend, Hugs

  13. thinking of you and sending ♥ xo

  14. Happy Monday, Annie! :)

  15. seems that a "fashion statement" is mostly negative these days ! The designers may focus more on being different than actually designing clothes that flatter women and make them feel pretty . Isn't the latter the whole reason for designers ?? Somehow the classic shapes not only are more enduring , but more flattering as well . So much for one woman's opinion !
    Have a wonderful day , rest up and be well...hugs to you and The Cat !


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