October 15, 2013

Hurricane Sandy ... 1 year later

Before Sandy

One year on and we are still suffering from the damage of Sandy. Many are without homes to this day. Some living in tent cities, some with friends and relations. Some small town bayside parks are so damaged people are not allowed near them, including the one in my little town which received heavy damage. Waterways are clogged with debris , houses, big chunks of roadway, amusement rides, etc. Insurance pays out little as opposed to what people paid for and few have the money to rebuild.

After Sandy
 It is locals who are cleaning up as best they can.
The bill for rebuilding this pier, dock and little neighborhood park by our bay is over 15 million dollars alone.
We don't have it.
The government doesn't have it.
Corporations and businesses are helping by volunteering to clean up beaches etc.
ICIMS  helped clean beaches in Monmouth county, just above us here.
Starbucks helped clean a place here in this county.
 Big thanks go to them for their help.  But so much more help is needed.

Yet, this is not the greatest problem in the scheme of things.
So many people in so many places with illness, loss, worry, fears, overwhelming problems and decisions to make. 
My daily prayers include all of these as they walk through life.
If we really pray for one another, not one of us will ever be alone in any trial. 

I have been MIA, but will be around to visit later on tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Hi Annie, so glad to see you post. I have been worried about you. It is so sad that your community has to suffer and there is so little help. Praying with you and sending big hugs.

  2. Hi Annie, Your post did not update in my blog role? Very sad about your area :( Hope all is well with you and Garfield. Have a wonderful evening. Hug, Dru

  3. Hi Annie;

    Good to see your post and thank you for your caring comment on my blog dear friend. I didn't realize you too lost children. So true parents shouldn't outlive their children.
    It's such a shame that a year later your community and area are still suffering. My prayers are with all those who suffered losses and are still in need. Hugs

  4. I hope things improve and your area receives the funding it needs to recover and rebuild again. I remember that day and I was so worried for everyone.


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