November 4, 2013

Cold Fall Day

I had physical therapy today. It was a cold, crisp, clear fall day and the ride there is all back country roads. Very nice ride.
 I am using muscles that have been on vacation for many years and it feels good as I get stronger.
 Though I  will never bend again as my spine is fused, that's okay.My days are busy now with physical therapy and picking up the little at the bus stop after school.
We do homework together.  I don't recall having homework in kindergarten do you?
 It was cold last night having gone down into the low 30F's and today the high was only 42F while it was in the high 60s just days ago.Trees are getting brighter and more intense in color and leaves are getting deeper on the ground so we are well into fall now.
 It is time for some serious pie making.
 Spaghetti with meat sauce and salad  for dinner tonight.
 What's cooking at your house?


  1. So glad the PT is working out ( no pun intended) for you !
    It was a beautiful day...not a fan of the cooler temps ( hard to stay warm without looking like Nanuk of the North ) . I'm cooking thick soups with homemade cornbread or cheese biscuits and baked apples...yum... Enjoy and be well , my friend !

  2. Glad that physical therapy it working well for you. :)
    We went below zero today, so lunch was frittata with zucchini and tomatoes, and dinner was a warming lentils soup. Now hubby and I are going to have baked pears with hot chocolate sauce and nuts while enjoy the fireworks from our window. :)
    Have a lovely evening! xo

  3. Chilly temps there! We are down into the low 60's or high 50's during the night. Glad that PT is working for you. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie,
    Came by to see if you had tour meme up yet?? I was shocked at how much homework my grand kids at in elementary school. I don't remember Paul having that much and at such a young age either. Great that the PT is working so well for you. Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Annie;
    I too am glad the PT is helping you. As much as I didn't enjoy my PT it has made me able to walk better even though not long walks yet :). I'm amazed at the homework the kindergarten and 1st grade children bring home. My kids didn't have homework until the 4th grade. But then my kids are 48 and 50 years of age now. LOL! Hugs


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