November 13, 2013

Hearth and Home Answers

Welcome! It is a cold, sunny fall afternoon here on the Jersey shore.
Here are my meme answers...

I have dreamed of a pretty little Tudor cottage. So cozy!
  What does your dream home look like? Can you describe it inside and out?
My dream house would be covered in field stone outside.
I really like that look.  This tudor cottage is like many found in my home town which has Victorians, Craftsman and Tudor homes.  I like this one but would like it better in field stone and different landscaping.  I would put in a stone walkway rather than the concrete  .....
My climbing Rugosa or Beach Rose

And roses  growing on her sides!
The photo to the left was taken a few years back on the side of my own little house (its as small as the one above). It is a Rugosa, the beach roses common on the eastern shore and especially Cape Cod,etc.
Mine bloom white. They are wild roses native to the area and just grow on their own accord in shades of red, pink and white.
Today this climbing rose is 3 or more times this size and will soon cover all the chimney on the side of my little house.
These roses make fabulous rose hip jelly packed with vitamin C.
Inside my dream home are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths ( a dream as I had only 1 with 6 people in the house) , a nice little old fashioned kitchen (Like this one at  Posie Gets Cozy ..oh sigh, like Mother's!) 
Bookcases galore! Comfy overstuffed chairs.

 What style of decorating do you lean toward, or are you an eclectic decorator using whatever is on hand? 
My home has Victorian seating mainly. I have a three piece set  composed of lady's chair, gentleman's chair and the 3- hump backed sofa.
I have my mothers coffee table which was made in the 1860s, inlaid and covered in glass. She got it at an antique store for a song long ago and now I have it.
But if I could redecorate I would have a home done in mostly traditional style, simple and uncluttered.

Want about fireplaces or woodstoves? Have one? Love it or too much work? 
I had a coal stove in the kitchen for a long time that heated the entire house. It generated far too much heat for such a small house and coal can be messy though the heat is steady, reliable and strong.
Then I had a gas fireplace  but removed that for more room.
 I wouldn't mind a nice Vermont  cast iron wood stove with a cast iron kettle steaming on its top.

 Describe your idea of the perfect day at home
A perfect day at home is a quiet one spent reading, surfing the net and puttering around the house, drifting in and out of the garden, sitting by the ponds and doing whatever I want with no obligations.  


  1. Hi Annie, I love your answers to your great meme this week. We are in the 90's today a heatwave that should be over by the weekend. Hope you have a wonderful evening. I just did your meme so when you get a chance take a peak. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie;
    I too love this week's meme and your answers. I'll probably post it for Friday. Love your dream home and perfect day. Have a lovely evening and day ahead my friend. Hugs

  3. Bookcases galore! Yes! I grew up with wood heat. All done with that. Enjoyed your answers here.

  4. I enjoyed reading your response. I often day dream about my dream home. I'll try to do some responses tomorrow on my blog. Have a great day. Hugs

  5. Hi Annie! I enjoyed reading your answers. :) Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.

  6. I enjoyed reading this too. I don't know if I could answer the questions. I like many styles but don't know if I have a favorite.

  7. Ciao Annie! I enjoyed reading your answers. :)
    Such a beautiful Tudor cottage. I am not sure how I would reply, I like different styles for different locations.
    Thanks for your visit, alf of Zeno's hometown is in NJ making and selling pizza! ;D
    Happy Friday ahead.

  8. Hi Annie! I loved your answers! That Tudor home is beautiful! I too am a sucker for stone. Our old house was stone and I loved it. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. Hugs!


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