November 15, 2013

It's Friday, Friday

Uh oh
When her kindergarten day is done, the Little and I do her  homework  together each day.
She has to trace letters, learn sight words, etc.
Yesterday 's work was learning horizontal ,vertical and symmetry.
Picture of the bay for no particular reason
 In Kindergarten no less.
 When I was in Kindergarten, back in ye olde days of yore when even Billy Shakespeare was still in short pants,  we played store and marched around with musical instruments and there was no homework.
 Well, yesterday there was a teacher's note pinned to the homework regarding a lunch money question and in the note the teacher wrote, "should of been enough" .  
A careless error hopefully and not that the teacher does not know that there is no such thing as should 'of' or could 'of'.
 It is should've, a contraction of should and have. 
If you think about it could or should 'of' makes no sense really.  But it is how it sounds when people say it.

 Lately I am seeing so many people using 'could of' instead of could've and should of instead of should've. More and more we are writing like we talk and we slur things.
For instance a funny New Jerseyism  is 'jeat yet? no jew'?
Translated it is 'did you eat yet'?     'No, did you'?  But spelled out as it sounds when spoken quickly, it is kind of funny.
 How about 'waddayamean' for 'what do you mean'. There is the famous 'fugedaboutit' in place of 'forget about it' and the list goes on and on but since schools are ignoring grammar and spelling and penmanship more today, the language is morphing.
I'dunno  for I don't know. Familiar?

 Martha Bell's Understanding English Spelling(2004 edition) has this interesting list:
'Cote' changed to 'coote', then 'coat', 'a broode' to 'abroad', 'roose' to 'rose' and ' stode' to 'stood', 'toumbe' to 'tomb', 'dore' to 'doore', then 'door', 'toun', 'doun' and 'croun' to 'town, down, crown' but 'thow' to 'thou', 'over' changed to 'ouer' and back again, 'shulde' and 'wolde' to 'should' and 'would'.
I think we are going to see changes again.
Whadaya think?

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Annie, I think you may be right! It amazes me that folks use so many words incorrectly. their vs there, Now I'm trying to think of more samples, they escape me but I hope you know what I mean. Happy w/e. Hugz!

  2. Hi, Annie. I sure do agree with you. My daughter was an English major and taught English in school for awhile. She occasionally gets on a soap box about spelling and grammar. Personally I never use should've or could've - I prefer should have or could have. That teacher was just wrong!
    Punctuation can make a big deal too. Example...
    "Lets eat, Grandma!" or
    "Lets eat Grandma"
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Annie, interesting facts today. I wanted to let you know my meme is done and I think you will be surprised. Have a great week. Hugs

  4. LOL! Wow Annie, "you guys in Jersey speak like us!" How many times
    i've wanted to correct people making the common mistake of
    "should of" etc:, especially educators. No wonder most adults can't spell today. Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. Hugs

  5. Interesting post, Annie. :)
    I have no problems with "dunno" or "leggo", but "could of" really gets on my nerves. And I hate when English speakers don't know the difference between "its" and "it's" or between "your" and "you're".
    Grammar in Italy is a very important subject at school, but I know that here in the UK it's not. That's a big mistake, for sure.

  6. I am so bad for using slang and I've caught myself so many times ... At work, we compose correspondence all the time and I am forever correcting my boss's slang-y language in letters! Sometimes it is really bad! Great post and something to think about.

  7. Hi Annie,
    I have never heard anyone say that? Only should have been enough. I guess that is slang? Hope you are having a wonderful Monday. Looking forward to your meme this week. Hugs, Dru


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