November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day..Thanks!

Thanks for your service Vets!
My brother served in the US Air Force.
An uncle served in North Africa during WWII
A cousin was wounded badly from a land mine in Viet Nam.
Other relatives served in the Korea and the Gulf war, etc up to the present day.
Relatives on my mother's side had served in the Revolution and the Civil War too.

I hope that soon there will be no war and no need for veterans anymore.


  1. Happy Veteran's Day Annie. God bless those who served and were wounded in your family. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Have a lovely rest of the day dear friend. Hugs

  2. Happy Veterans Day! I like your idea of no more war. Amen!

  3. These great Vets and active duty now serving are what make our country great! Happy Veterans Day


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