December 10, 2013

The Typical American

"SHE "is not what you think!

 Is a Blue eyed, 
Fair Haired Young 
 Because the typical American is a woman!

 Here is what  a typical American looks like according to several decades of census information

The typical American is a white woman who is 32.7 years old.
 Being a woman she represents  more than 52 % of the US population
 and being Caucasian, she represents over 89% of the population of the United States.
A very Typical American Girl!

 Her hair color is a light medium brown to various shades of  blonde and her eye color is predominantly blue or green in that order.

 She is  very happily married and has at least 2 children.
She can trace  her ancestry to Germany, or, secondly, to Ireland.
She is at least a high school graduate.
She received good grades in school.
She was active in serving others.
She earns about $42,000 dollars per year and owns her own 3 bedroom 2 bath home in the suburbs that is heated by gas or electricity.
22% of "her" are university graduates and she did well there , being serious about her studies.
 She drives her own car to work at a private company or corporation.
 She is a clerical worker.
The company is in manufacturing.
Her home has 2 telephones and there is no answering machine on it.

She also has 2 televisions, a VCR and cable connection is available.

  The typical American does not own a gun and never has!

She is 5ft 3.7inches tall and weighs 134 pounds.
 She is slim and trim and in generally good health.
Typical American Neighborhood 3 bedroom, homes
She enjoys some sports and is active.  
She is not fat ( contrary to the world's stereotyped view of America)  but typically slim and well proportioned.
She uses more soap and takes more baths per year than any other woman on earth.

(Kaboom..myths exploding!)

She is a Democrat with  conservative tendencies rather than liberal.
She is concerned with the environment but not fanatical about it.
She does NOT smoke.
She never met anyone who has AIDS.
She has never been in trouble with the law.
She does not know anyone who has been in trouble with the law.
She reads the newspaper daily.
She is currently reading a book.
She is religious, believes in God, believes there is a satan but does not believe in ghosts or witches.
She is a Christian and has membership in a church.
She attends services regularly and puts her children in Sunday School.
She believes in Creation according to the book of Genesis, not evolution.
Her average dinner consists of Green salad , a vegetable, soup, steak or meat of some type,potatoes and broccoli , bread, cheesecake or ice cream and tea, hot or iced.
She likes bananas best.
She doesn't like diet soda, and opts for regular soda (pop/carbonated beverage) despite what commercials make you think.
She drinks low fat milk.
Her choice in alcohol is Beer and uses it moderately.
 She has never used drugs or been drunk.
Her religious views govern her choices.
She prays and reads her bible.


  1. Hi Annie! I absolutely love this post. I am so thankful that I am not your typical American woman! I'm not slim and trim, I'm 5'8 and 1/2 (I'm shrinking) I'm a proud Libertarian, I can't stand cow mucus, I've been drunk many times lol, I don't go to church, bananas are just ok, my dinner consist of some of what you wrote, I believe in witches lol, I'm not reading a book, I only get the newspaper for coupons lol, I know quite a few people whom have been in trouble with the law, RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE!, I probably do take more showers than anyone else and I'm obsessed with lotion lol I do have brown hair, blue eyes and ironically my family comes from Germany on both sides. lol Anyhow, I could go on and on. Again, I'm so glad I'm not the typical American. lol How do you fare? Hope you're having a good Tuesday and keeping warm. It's COLD out there!! Hugs

  2. Hi Annie, I had to laugh at this because I am not the typical American woman either. I am 5 foot, brown hair and eyes. I am college educated and had a well paying clerical job until I retired. We have a 4 bedroom home in the city. The church things are correct since I am a Christian. I do not smoke or drink beer . A glass of wine on occasion, but just a few sips since I am to sensitive. I have a cousin that has aids. I don't believe in the occult, and I know there is a devil. I drink low fat milk and diet soda and love broccoli along with the rest of my family. I have never been in trouble with the law. My roots are traced to Mexico and Spain. My grandma and mom both had green eye and were fair skinned. My grandma had 2 brothers with red hair and blue eyes. There are Mexicans of German heritage, they immigrated during the wars. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, a unique being created by my God. :)

    P.S. I did my traditions meme.


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