January 3, 2014

Friday Afternoon Soup

my chicken soup... blurry photo but delicious!

Today's chicken soup tastes better than ever  even though  my  taste is dulled  by my stuffy nose.  I am enjoying it anyway!

Homemade chicken soup does something wonderful when you need to get well and I can feel it doing it's marvelous work already. 

Here on the east coast the snow fell all night, but though very cold, it isn't too bad today and for most of the day the sun shone brightly from a deep blue sky on the fresh new snow .

 I hope you have a wonderful and warm weekend.



  1. Hi Annie! We call it Jewish Penicillin- you probably do too! :) I have a recipe I'm going to try for a Minestrone with Quinoa and Kale. Yes, I'm still not giving up on kale! LOL! Sorry you're sick and I hope you don't get hit hard by this arctic blast. We've been so warm but rain is on the horizon...I'll have my soup then. Feel better! (((Hugz)))

  2. Annie Happy New Year! your soup sounds really good. We've been sick here too! get better soon. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie, I am a firm believer of chicken soup for a cold/comfort food. I had Matzo ball soup today and it was great! I like the idea of Darylynn;s soup wit the kale. Stay warm. Hugs


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