January 7, 2014

January Meme

Here is this week's new meme.
I hope you will all join in and find it fun to do.

How about talking about the changing calendar....

1  Do you look forward to a new year or do you feel nostalgic for the old?2. We are off to a cold start this January.  Are you hoping for an early spring or are you going to enjoy an icy winter time?
3. Do you like winter sports ?  What kind?
4. What is your ideal way to spend a  cold winter day?
5. Do you have a favorite winter meal that you love when the temperatures dip way down?
6. How do you spend your time when the day is cold and blustery outside?
7. Do you like to complain about cold/weather/snow/rain or do you just make the best of it all?

 Trees in my yard --click to see full size.
The weather here is frigid but not as cold as I have seen when I lived in other places.
The ponds have their heaters running to keep the water thawed for the fishs' sake as well as to provide animals with a cold drink.
The wind outside today is howling and blustery but the sky is a gorgeous blue and the sun is shining -- though I bet it is shivering a bit too!
It's time for the heavy Eskimo look when venturing outside.
Keep warm everyone and stay safe.


  1. I am a self-proclaimed Summer Girl ,who shivers at temps below 65,wants her snow in a photo on a postcard(NOT to shovel and certainly NOT to play in !) The ideal winter day is spent in the kitchen , preparing a "lumberjack's breakfast" , then moving on to homemade bread,chicken stew and something lovely for dessert...chocolate chip oatmeal cookies ? bittersweet brownies ? a decadent cake ? This is followed by snuggling down under a cozy cover to read a good book...something with a sweet ending,,,an if one dozes,,,ah ,well...

  2. Hi, Annie. It seems to be cold everywhere! Right now in Florida (at 7 pm), it's 38 degrees! Pretty cold for this neck of the woods. Take care and stay warm.

  3. Happy New Year! It is still so bitterly cold here, but I am glad to be back to our routine in this New Year. We had a really busy Christmas and New Year's. Hope yours was lovely!

  4. Hi Annie. Thanks for today's meme. It's cold here too so I'll enjoy doing today's meme. Can't wait for summer to return. Give me sunshine and 90's and I'll be happy and so will my bones. hehe! Happy Hump Day! Hugz!

  5. Hi Annie, We don't really get cold days here in So Ca compared to you. A cold day for us is in the 60's. I did update my blog to reflect the cold your way. Hugs

  6. Hi Annie! Hope you're doing well and keeping warm! Love the meme! I will do it tomorrow. Hugs

  7. Trying to catch up. Here are my answers to the January meme.

    1 I look forward to a new year?
    2. Hoping for an early spring
    3. I like watching ice skating & skiing on TV.
    4.Cuddled in a warm blanket with a cup of hot coffee and a good book.
    5. Soups mostly.
    6. Indoors looking out. ;-}
    7.Just make the best of it.

    Hugs, Toni


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