January 22, 2014

  Snow, glorious snow.
 The world is white but the skies are a clear deep bright blue.
looking out at the little pond
The temperatures are chilly as we were simply 1°F this morning and that is far below freezing but the sun is shining brightly.
The heaters are in the ponds and hopefully working as they should. I can't go out to check since I can't risk falling and jarring my spine but I suspect there is a hole under them in the thick ice.
Even the bay is frozen over.
I used Big Huge Labs to create the frame around this photo, by the way.
Here is this week's meme if you would like to join in.  At least it gives something to blog about.

This one is about "Day Dreaming"
1. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
2. Do you have a favorite city?       If so, what is it?
3. What car would you have if money was no object?
4.  What kind of house would you have if you could have any one you desired?
5.  Is there a special event/or sight you have always wanted to see? 
6. What is your dream vacation destination?

I will try to answer tomorrow and I look forward to reading your answers.
Keep warm, keep safe, keep smiling.  


  1. Hi Annie, Thanks for the meme. I will try to do it for a post tomorrow :) We are still in the 80's here and the governor has called a "drought emergency" we have had no rain for months and actually years. We have broken all recorded records. Too bad some of you weather couldn't come our way. Stay warm and safe. Yes be careful of the ice so dangerous. I feel down many a time on the streets of Lake Tahoe or Big Bear when they were icy. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie, like Dru mentioned, it has been warm here and we really need the rain. We will have water rations again which mean higher water bills. Stay safe and warm. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie! We share the same weather. Beautiful picture! I love the meme and will do it tomorrow. Keep warm, my friend and stay safe! {{{warm hugs}}}

  4. Hi Annie. Thanks for another fun meme! Hugz!

  5. HI Annie
    I've met quite a few people through the years who told me theri dream was to live in NYC for a year, so I feel fortunate I spent most of my life there and saw quite a bit of it, but that there is still more for me to go back to see!

    My ideal house would have been the movie house of the original "Ghost and Mrs Muir" movie --I loved how it was on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

    I've always wanted to the running of the bulls in Pamplona,Spain, but I doubt that will ever happen..lol!

    I would love to take an around the world cruise on a Cunnard ship--also doubt that will ever happen unless I win Mega Millions! :)

    Have a good weekend--hope better weather arrives soon!

  6. Hi Annie,
    Lovely photo! Hope you are having a nice weekend. Keep safe and warm.

  7. Hi Annie!

    Just passing by to say hi. I hope you're well and keeping warm! Another Polar Vortex is headed our way. :(


  8. lovely photo. I wish we had some snow here. We really need it. Hugs!

  9. 1-I would live someplace WARM !!! Wherever my best friend moved would be fine with me .
    2- I'm not a city lover , so country living , with access to necessities is preferred.
    3- I'm quite content with my used PT Cruiser...good size , fits my needs , etc...but...there are times when a pickup would be so nice,too...sigh.
    4-My little cottage is fine , but with a few modifications - a good wood stove (when the power goes out), a solar power system(wouldn't it be nice to be off the Grid ), a raised-bed veggie
    garden (and the time to manage it), energy-efficient windows
    5-always wanted to experience the Northern Lights
    6-would like to go back to Sanibel , Florida and spend the summer by our own ocean


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