January 21, 2014

Snow Storm

I   t's snowing and coming down hard and fast.

The Weatherman is warning about a big storm.
The wind is howling and the temperatures are dropping but I am inside keeping nice and warm. The supply of tea and coffee are laid in along with hot dogs, real German sauerkraut and good brown mustard... a wonderful snow day dinner.  I am all set!

I will put up this week's meme tomorrow.
Snow this afternoon


  1. Hi Annie, Sounds like you're all ready for this next round of storms. That's good. Stay warm! Stay safe! Hugz!

  2. Hi Annie! Happy snowy Tuesday! We have about 10 inches so far and it's still coming down. Hot dogs sound so yummy! Stay warm and enjoy your yummy dinner. hugs!

  3. Hello Annie, I wonder if now the snowstorm will be ended ..
    Here it snows certainly less often than there by you, but when I can stand at the heat, feel the wind howling outside and see the flakes falling, I feel so protected in our home .. it's a so beautiful and comfortable feeling, then with a dinner so .. tasty and winterly .. these are the reasons why I do appreciate and enjoy Winter, the home atmosphere that we can breathe when the weather outside is hostile <3
    Have a lovely day my friend. xo


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