January 31, 2014


W    e are having a heat wave! It is 32°F (0 Celsius) right now.

 I am thinking of going outside and getting a nice tan while this heat lasts.

Arrrgh, its Friday and time got away from me and the meme did not go up yesterday. Here it is today and I hope you join in when you get the chance.

People tend to be a bit superstitious. Are  you?
1. Do you believe in luck ?
2. Do you put coins in a new purse to give the user a good start?
3. Are black cats unlucky?
4.  lucky numbers?
5. lucky hat, shirt?
6. Are you more careful on Friday the 13th?
7. Would you open an umbrella in the house?
8. Some think smelling dandelions will make you wet the bed at night.  True? False?
9. Broncos or Seahawks in the Superbowl? ( I suppose it has something to do with the meme!)

I am not much of a believer in luck. I believe more in blessing etc.
My mother put coins in a new purse for me.  I just remembered about that today as I began putting up the meme!
Black cats are not unlucky at all.
No lucky numbers but I always liked the number 6 and 8 as a kid for some reason.
No lucky shirt or hat, just comfortable ones I love.
Usually the 13th passes without much notice.
I have opened umbrellas in the house.
No, you can smell dandelions all day long and have wonderful salads from their leaves and never wet the bed!

Not a huge football fan , but living by the water I hope the Seattle Seahawks win.

Will you be watching the Superbowl? 
Have a warm, wonderful weekend.


  1. As you I do think more about blessings than about superstitions, I love cats, and the black ones aren't to me different to any others, open umbrellas inside the house when necessary, eat leaves of Dandelions during the Spring and Summer in delightful salads and .. well, we've never wet our bed .. till now :D !!!
    Anyway, I think that still nowadays there are lots of people living subjugated by superstitions and I think that in this way they're making their life much more complicated, but probably they cannot avoid it.
    Thank you so much for this lovely and nice meme and for the beautiful comments you always leave on my blog, my dear friend ♥
    Sending you hugs across the ocean to wish you a wonderful weekend. xox

  2. I feel guilty as things start to warm up down here knowing how cold it still is up north. I think superstitions are funny. I had never heard the one about dandelions before....lol....very funny...stay warm & have a nice weekend

  3. Hi Annie, Thanks for the interesting meme. I'm looking at the questions and thinking . . . hmmm Maybe I am a wee bit suspicious. Sort of surprised myself! Thanks for the fun meme! Hugz!

  4. Good meme....took part. How about those Seahawks? Great game!


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