January 1, 2014

Wednesday ....

via Wikipedia Great Blue Heron
I    ran to get my camera or phone but he was quick and gone by the time I got back.  
It seems they can fly   30 miles per hour!
 He was a great heron ( I think a great blue heron)standing by my big pond in the back looking for a quick meal of my big fish. They are amazing to see close up. He was about 20 feet from me (looking out my kitchen window early in the
morning)and stood about 4 feet tall, though with neck stretched up they are way taller I think.
 Their wing spans are 6 feet, not huge, but impressive. They are tall enough birds to be startling looking up close and personal. He and his pals stop here regularly and I was surprised he was not farther south for the winter. Then again perhaps he was on his way and just thought my pond was a fast good stand. I get a lot of beautiful white egrets also. What majestic and gorgeous birds these water birds are!
 By the way if you are environmentally conscious, as I like to be, you might think both solar and wind farm energy is great.    However, they are a major source of death for many birds.
Too many birds as a matter of fact and create a great deal of concern for endangered species as well as other fowl. The numbers of dead are too great to ignore.
No one is sure as of yet why big birds are dying at solar projects and the corporations who run them don't seem to care much.
Sad but worth keeping watch on.

I am down with another cold that came hard on the heels of the chest cold. The whole family is down with it though I am the newest victim.
I've spent most of the last few days in bed sleeping through the day because I am so terribly tired out.
There is a surgeon appointment tomorrow that I think I will have to cancel .   When I think of those people in the waiting room who are in pain etc and that maybe they could catch my cold on top of that.. ugh, No, I don't want to do that to them, so best if I stay home.  People who are hurting don't need more problems on top of it!

The east coast is awaiting a big snow storm from the mid west. Hopefully it by passes us down here but, you never know. 
Hope you are having a wonderful cozy evening and a great day tomorrow.


  1. Truly beautiful birds. We have them along the lake shore every day. I had no idea that the solar/wind would be a death trap to them. Sorry to hear the cold is back again. Bummer! Sending chicken soup and hot tea your way. Hope it arrives safely. (wouldn't it be great if we could really do that?)
    Happy New Year!

  2. I live on the banks of a river inhabited by storks, seagulls (we aren't far from the Ligurian Sea) and blue herons, I know them very well and often observe them in flight, they're gorgeous !
    I didn't know that the solar-wind was dangerous for them, these are things that make me feel really sad ..
    I'm sorry you're unwell again, I hope you feel better very soon !

  3. Happy New Year Annie, I hope you are feeling better. Blue Herons are beautiful birds. Hugs, Dru

  4. Happy New Year wishes my sweet friend. We drive into the canyon and watch the herons in their nests. Lovely photo. Hoping the new year brings you only good things xo P.S> feel better ♥

  5. Happy New Year Annie, so sorry you are sick again. We have egrets around here too by the riverbed. Good idea to stay home until you feel better. Hugs

  6. I hope the snowstorm did not hit too badly there, Annie, and I hope you feel better soon.
    I used to see herons and egrets in Brooklyn, as I lived near the salt marsh areas along the southern shore. They are beautiful and surprising agile birds.

    Happy and healthy 2014! Snuggle up with a good book and stay warm!


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