March 17, 2014

A Day in Your

March has come in like a lion but will it go out like a lamb? We will see.

 Internet has been very slow- dial up slow!- and very spotty. Everyone in the area is complaining but they do nothing. Of course if you are late with a payment they pay attention don't they?

 We had snow last night and got around 4 inches of the powdery stuff.    When we get larger amounts of snow it always comes up from the south by way of Maryland and Delaware.  Our weather is a bit different than North Jersey.
Skies are whitish gray and temperatures have fallen again, a reminder that winter is still here.

Here is the meme for this week. I hope you all join in and enjoy doing it.  They are a perfect way to get to know other bloggers.
By the way if you have any ideas for memes of questions that you wonder about, let me know!

A Day in Your Life...

1. What time of day do you usually get up?
2. Do you greet the day with coffee or tea?
3.Do you hit the deck running or does it take you a while to get going?
4. Do you eat breakfast?
5. What is your typical breakfast food?
6. Sunny days or quiet rainy days?
7. A Job or stay at home?
8. What's for lunch?
9. Any daytime TV? What do you like to see?
10. Do you sit outside to have tea or coffee sometime during the day if the weather is nice?

my answers:
1. any time between 5:30 and 7:00 AM
2. usually coffee unless I have a cold, then tea, and right now I have a cold. Yuk.
3. Running but still takes me time to really get going properly.
4.If I am going out, yes.
5. I will have a fried or boiled egg.
6.I like both. They have their place. Sometimes the rest you can find on a quiet rainy day is unbeatable and very relaxing.
7. Stay at home right now. I used to work several jobs at once outside. Now I work at home.
8.Salad usually.
9.Used to watch Days of Our Lives, sometimes still do and I like Bachelor Father on  Antenna TV
    I like the old programs that are on cable too like Name of the Game, I Spy, etc.
10.Yes in warmer weather I do that.  I sit by the pond or go sit by the bay with a nice cup of coffee.


  1. Hi Annie; Hope you get rid of your cold soon. No snow here just the cold winter weather. They say by the end of the week we should hit the middle 30's. Compared to what we were and are having, thast will seem warm. No signs of spring yet but I have heard a bird chirping yesterday and today.

    Copied the meme questions and will have it in Wednesday's post. I had already written a post for tomorrow. Have a lovely day ahead dear friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie, I grabbed your meme and will post it in a couple of days. I started physical therapy too and I have an eye appointment schedules. I have bad vision both close up and far. We were in the 70's today and the 80's over the weekend. Hubby and I are watching Dances with the Stars now. I hope you cold goes away soon. Hugs

  3. Hope your winter ends soon, Annie. I always enjoy your memes. I'll try to do it later today.

  4. Hi Annie, I finally did a little blog post and I will do this meme for sure this week and post it. Thanks for the meme :) I enjoyed your answers! I hope all is well with you. I will get caught up in here later tonight. Hugs, Dru

  5. I love your meme and I'd like to answer it here, hoping not to make you something unwelcome, just to know better eachother ;)
    I generally wake up from 6 to 7 o' clock, have coffee for wake me a little faster, often on my veranda to have a look at the front courtyard, then have breakfast after one hour, one hour and a half with bread and marmelade and another little of coffe, than I'm ready to go to work ( I'm a teacher ); for lunch i generally have eggs, meat or salad and ... I don't usually watch TV, to be honest I haven't got the time !
    Thank you so much my sweet and dear Annie, I wish you a lovely course of the week. xxoo

  6. I like to sleep late as I am a night owl, but now most days I have to get uo early to watch my granddaughter while my daughter goes to work. I love coffee, but like you I drink tea when I feel sick. I am a slow starter --I mainly have toast and an egg or cereal. I love both sunny and rainy days and hardly ever watch TV during the day--maybe a cooking show every now and then. In the evening I watch the local and world news and that's it most of the time--maybe a rental movie on the weekend.

    Feel better soon!


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