March 28, 2014

Blogger and Gardening

Rhododendrens in front of my house in full bloom last Spring
No matter what I did I could not get Blogger to keep my password right and have had a terrible time logging in all week.
  Actually, I just really couldn't get into my blog at all. Here I am at now though.

Today is overcast and 63F after a cold and snowy week.  We might have rain but it is definitely forecast for the rest of the weekend.

 Most of the snow is gone now except in the shadiest of places and it was just a normal spring change-a-roo.
 Spring is notorious for changing her mind on a whim isn't she? I can recall snow flurries as late as the middle of April.
 Soon the planting will begin, though I will have to have it done for me as I can't do things like that anymore. I do have plans though and hope I can get help to do it all. After all this time indoors I just need a garden to escape to for the summer.
 I need the ponds looking good too. It would be such a lift to my spirit. I have large, and I mean huge overgrown pink rhododendrons to remove under the front bedroom windows of the house. They must be replaced too as they just grow extremely wide. They will cover the house if they aren't removed. Though I will miss the blossoms, there isnt any other way.
The pruning would be ridiculous and the bushes have pushed their way out 1/3 of the way across my large front yard.  Blossoming bushes are hard to trim correctly so that they look nice I think.

 PT is going great. I've been going since fall and hope to go all summer as well. I really do need it and am getting muscles!! Seriously, my legs were spindles and now they have calf muscle again and I am strong. My arms are getting strong as well. I love doing the exercises but they are not easy. Still when you were in a wheelchair for a while it is awesome to do anything while walking or standing up straight. I am thrilled. Each time I walk I get thrilled again. I am so grateful to be better now.

Rain is predicted for the weekend, but warmer temperatures.
Whatever your weather, I hope it is a lovely, refreshing weekend for you.
I will be back Saturday night or Sunday with another post and I will have a new meme on Monday.
PS.. decided to do Toni's coffee quiz (pretty accurate for me too):
You Are a Cappuccino
You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.
However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.
You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation.
You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please


  1. Hi, Annie. Too bad about your rhododendron bush. I didn't know they could overtake everything like that. I have bushes around my house that I have to trim regularly or they do the same thing. I rent or I'd have them dug up.
    I'm so glad to hear that your PT is going so well. So must feel so much stronger now than you used to. Hugs

  2. Happy Saturday Annie;
    I'm so glad to read how you are improving over PT. Right now I'm doing stationary floor pedaling while sitting to strenthen my legs. The arthritis this winter has really been bad on my knees. But I'll keep exercising my legs in hopes to be able to walk more than 5 minutes again.
    When I had my home, I had 2 pink rhododendron bushes that grew into small trees but like you when they bloomed in May and June, they were beautiful to see.
    This coming week we will see weather in the 50's but for today and tomorrow they predict snow and rain. There is still a 3 foot pile of the white stuff outside my window. Hopefully it will be gone this coming week.
    Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  3. So happy to know that the PT is helping my friend. Sorry about blogger. That is one of the many reasons I transferred over to wordpress. Weather here has played havoc with our flower garden, I am happy I still have a few daffys blooming. But my tulips didn't survive the snow the other day and my hyacinths are trying to stand tall through the wind and icy rain. I planted rhododendron bushes last year and can see a bit of the stem showing but I am not sure they will survive. Sigh.... So happy you are able to blog again. Big hugs to you for your progress and happy wishes for a lovely new week.

  4. I sometimes have trouble with blogger too, but I am still worried about switching to wordpress. I am planting some new things after a heavy rain….best wishes & happy spring planting!

  5. Sorry that you had problems but glad you're back. Love the rhodo. She's gorgeous. Living in FL I sometimes really miss the Northern plants but most of time the Southern plants make up for it quite nicely.
    Love hearing your PT is helping you. Keep up the good work. Happy Monday. Hugz!


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