March 19, 2014

Is a Puzzlement!

Here is something fun. Try to figure this out:

 It is a boy's nickname, a preposition, an article, and a part of a church and the name of a flower. Can you guess?

I will post the answer tomorrow.

Warmer here today but cloudy and might rain.  I see signs of spring everywhere.   Daffodils and
Hyacinth are pushing up. Violets are turning green... I love them and can't wait.
Violets via
I want to plant some Devon  violets, the ones that really have the strong scent to them.
Any gardening indoor or outside on your list of things to do?


  1. Hi Annie!
    The violets are so pretty!!! :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. .. I've been thinking for a while, but I really cannot guess, I'm feeling quite curious and wait for your answer tomorrow !
    By now, enjoy your day my dear Annie, in the hope it's sunny and warm, enjoy your first flowers blooming and .. yes, plant violets, I do truly love them !
    Big hugs xxx

  3. Hi Annie! Happy Wednesday to you! The only thing that I can think of that is part of a church and a boys nickname is Squints but I don't think that it's a flower or an article. So I'm a bit stuck. I can't wait to see your answer. I'm doing a little bit of indoor gardening at the moment and plan on blogging about it soon as well as doing your meme. Hope you had a lovely day! Hugs

  4. Hi Annie, I looked it up I would never of been able to guess that ;) Happy Wednesday! I did your meme it will post tonight at 12:01 AM ;) The violets are very pretty. Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Annie; Wish we had violets or any flower popping up. Still snow covered grounds here. As for your answer to the question, my answer is Jack in the pulpit. I read that online in the Farmer's Almanac. LOL! Hugs my friends.

  6. Your puzzlement has totally puzzled me. I'll have to check back for the answer. Here in Florida, my azaleas have been blooming for awhile. Grass is green and has needed cutting once already. I miss the spring flowers of my youth though - daffodils, tulips and later lilacs. Hugs


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