March 7, 2014

End of the Week and a Nomination

Sorry to be missing in action but time got away from me during a very busy week.
 Each time I tried to blog something else demanded attention.
Since I love blogging, I felt bad about it.
I love blogging and refuse to let it go by the wayside.   I feel it is a very valuable thing both for the diary aspect and for the friendships.

 Dany has nominated me to be part of this assignment and then I am to nominate others from blogs with less than 200 followers.

 Here are the rules: Re-link and thank the blogger and the blog of the person who made the nomination. · Answer the ten questions posed by those who have appointed you.
 · Appoint ten other blogs with less than 200 followers.
 · Propose ten new questions.
 · Go in individual blogs and inform them of the appointment.

 Thank you Dany! Now to the questions and my answers:

 1 - The first book you've been in love with.

2 - The moment of your day that you love.
Early morning with my cup of tea and reading the news of the day.
3 - Your dream.
To become a better person and to have all that the locusts have eaten restored.(
Joel 2)

4 - Which character from film or novel you feel most like?
Elizabeth Bennet perhaps

5 - The journey that you've never done .

To Pompei. I would very much like to go.
To visit the home of my great grandparents in Ireland and Wales.

6 - If I had to re-write the ending of a novel which one would you choose and how would you change it?
The ending of A Painted House by John Grisham.  I would not have them leave the farm.

7 - At what age would you like to live?
I would like to try the 1890's but I would be very happy in the 1950's.

8 - Your favorite fairy tale .
The Land of Green Ginger

9 - Which title would you give to your novel?
"This Far Without You"

10 - Your favorite literary genre .
History and Mystery

Now I nominate ToniKim and Susan!     I would really love to see your answers to these same questions.
I think Dany came up with great questions for this so I am asking you to do the same ones or, if you like and as the rules ask, come up with 10 of your own when you ask others.

Have a happy weekend friends.


  1. Dear Annie, I've enjoyed reading your answers so much ( your dream should be that of everyone of us, dear ! ) and I'm very happy to read that you've liked my answer to the point to choose to make them to the blogger that you have appointed !
    Thank you so much sweet Annie, it's really a joy having you as a friend, and when one day you're coming to Italy, please, tell me, to know you by person would be a great glee to me. xox

  2. Hi Annie, Thanks for the nomination. I haven't been nominated to do this (different of course) in over 14 years. :) I put my answers up in today's post and used your same questions. I enjoyed reading your answers very much. I'm never really good at this but I tried anyway. :-} Have a lovely weekend dear friend. Hugs

  3. Great answers! I've always been fascinated with Pompeii too. And the Titanic.

  4. Hi Annie, I just posted the same questions at my blog and picked 3.I better go tag them now. Have a great week! Hugs

  5. Hi Annie! Thanks for the nomination. :) I loved your answers! Oh Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice one of my favorite books. :) I too enjoy mystery novels. Sadly I don't read nearly enough. Hope you're having a lovely Monday. Hugs

  6. Hi, Annie. I enjoyed your meme! Have a great day.

  7. Hi Annie. Been gone for a while my self so I'm playing catch-up. Fun meme. Love your answers. Happy hump day Hugz!

  8. Hi Annie; dropped in to see what's new and to say hi! :) Have a lovely rest of the week my friend. Hugs


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