March 20, 2014

Spring Is Just About Here---

Jack in the Pulpit
The mystery flower is exactly as Toni said, the Jack in the Pulpit!
They grow wild in the woods.
Today at 12:57 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time is the Vernal Equinox and the start of Spring. So Happy Spring everyone.
May it be a lovely season for everyone. We could use it!

In honor of the day I am posting an organ piece by Percy Fletcher called  'Fountain Reverie', as performed by the great Diane Bish.
I heard this song regularly as I was growing up with my grandmother who was an organist and piano teacher. She was hired to play in many places throughout the years and had quite a great reputation on grand pipe organs.
I would watch her feet fly across the pedals and that was how I learned to play myself.
I think my grandest experience, however, was going inside the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, an acoustically perfect, hand built building for meetings, which houses the gorgeous organ there and the wonderful Tabernacle choir. What an experience. No one could have stopped me from going inside to hear it on a regular basis, which I did.

I am off to PT this morning. I hope you enjoy this song that really does lead a person into deep reverie and to me speaks to the hope and promise that comes with spring. It is one of my favorites.


  1. Hi Annie, Happy Spring. I had looked up the name of the flower yesterday. Never heard of it. But is is interesting looking that is for sure. Hope you had a good PT session. Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Annie! Happy Spring! I've never heard of the Jack in the Pulpit but it sure is pretty. :) Hope your PT session went very well. Enjoy your day! hugs

  3. Happy Spring Annie;
    I used to see a lot of Jack In the Pulpit growing wild in the woods as a child but haven't seen them in years. I loved Diane Bish and used to see her a lot on TV. Thanks for sharing the video. I hope your PT session went well. I may have to start going again as my knees and legs have been very painful the past 2 months.
    Your latest header is really wonderful. You are a wonderful artist my friend. Have a great day ahead. Hugs

  4. I've not seen this flower before! How unique. The organ piece is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I really didn't know the English for this lovely flower yet, thank your for teaching me !
    'Fountain Reverie' is really stunning and I adore the organ sound, it drives me back to my late childhood and teen age when I sang in a chorus of a very big church near Genoa ... thank you for sharing it and for these sweet remembrances, my dear Annie and .. happy Spring weekend to you !
    With love x

  6. Beautiful organ music..what a nice thing to find on your blog. I really enjoyed

  7. Thanks for meme. Gorgeous music! Hope PT goes good! I love Jack in the Pulpit. Haven't seen one in years. They must not be in Florida. Hugz!

  8. Growing up in the city I never saw this pretty flower. The one harbinger of Spring in NYC beside daffodils in people's gardens and flower boxes was seeing forsythia bushes in bloom!

    This was beautiful organ music! Very soothing.

    Hope your PT went well!


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