April 27, 2014

Weekend Update

My daughter is presently winging her way to California and will arrive there at 6:00 tonight.
She will give a presentation tomorrow and is much in demand for her speaking ability.
 I am pretty proud of her, she is amazing!
She will be home again late Wednesday...early Thursday.

The fires here are nearly contained but more rain is needed to really douse them.
Here is a link to the story.
It is not the worst we've ever had but for those living close by it is always the worst for them. They've been in my prayers.
People work so hard for what they have and it is a shame to see anyone lose their home or property to preventable disaster.  Also, those woods are filled with animals!
They think perhaps cigarettes caused the fire.  On the way to physical therapy I had seen a sign the very day this began warning people not to use the highway as their personal ashtray as the pine barrens were on high fire alert.
It takes so little effort to do what's right but people get contrary and lazy.
Years ago my then hubby told me I was using the lazy man's carry and would regret it.
He was right!
We were newly married and had an apartment upstairs and our car park area was around the back of the garden style apartment complex.  I had carried far too many grocery bags up the stairs and as I got most of the way up they broke!
Groceries tumbled down the flight of stairs making more work for us than if I had carted them up one at a time.   He had two bags in his arms, easy for him as he was very strong.  I tried to juggle 4 of them even after he told me not to do that. He said, 'that's too heavy for you. Don't lift that much. You'll get hurt and the bags will break too."
Lazy man's carry and I did regret it! Live and learn.The groceries were all over the stairs and I had 10 times more work to get it all up and together.
So lazy about putting out a cigarette and devastation can occur.
We humans have a lot to learn.

New Meme tomorrow... we have to get back all the bloggers who aren't blogging! :(


  1. So sorry about the fire devastation. Even sadder that they could have been caused by reckless smokers. Have a great day.

  2. I'm really glad for your daughter, I'm sure you're truly proud of her, you're such a beautiful person and she has to be like you !
    But I'm sorry for the fires going on ... Let's hope that the rain you say is needed finally arrives !
    Hugs, my dear and sweet friend xox

  3. Hi Annie, Catching up today because I've neglected visiting for a while. I would be proud if that was my dau too! What topic does she lecture on? Listen to me - asking all the details. Sorry about the fires where you are. Those happen in FL all the time. Look forward to tomorrow's meme. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Hi Annie,
    So sorry to hear of the fires.so sad. That is great about your daughter, you must be so happy and proud of her. :) Have a cozy evening. xo

  5. Hi Annie, I love the background music. Reminds me of when I was a preteen. Fires are a common problem here in So Ca, especially with the strong Santa Ana winds that have been about 50-50 mph. What part of Calif was your daughter at? I like your lazy story :) Yes I wish we could get our bloggers back. I really miss Darylynn. Tag me when you do. Hugs

  6. Hi Annie!
    I'm so sorry about the fires. :( I'm sure they are out after all of this flooding rain. This weather is CRAZY. Our backyard is a lake and our front yard is a river. Can't wait to see your new meme. Sorry I haven't been blogging, I just lost the bug. I blame is on social networking and the warmer weather. Hope you're well! Hugs!

  7. Hi Annie; How horrible about the fires. I saw the video on the site you posted. Looking forward to your new meme. How wonderful for your daughter. I too would be proud if it was my daughter. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs


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