May 28, 2014

Question and Answer: First Date

Here is a new question and answer for those who would like to join in.
It is just 4 little questions.  If you do join in please leave a comment so others can visit your blog and see your answers.
It would be nice if we could get more people blogging more regularly, at least that is my hope.

 1. Do you recall your first date?
 2. What did you do? Where did you go? Did you have a good time?
 3. Did you go out with the same person again  or was that it?
 4. Ever go on a blind date?  How did that work out?
 5. What was the best date experience ever?

 my answers:
1. I recall it somewhat yes.
2. We had a little lunch at a small cafe.
I think I had a nice time but was really too nervous and don't like eating with someone I hardly know!
3. Yes, I went out with that person again. You can't judge a person by one date really. 4. Yes.  It was my first date and very nerve wracking!
5. The Bronx Zoo!  I had a wonderful time! It was relaxed and there were animals to talk about. That made it so nice.

Morning by the lovely sapphire blue bay

I am sharing a morning photo of the bay.
It is so blue and lovely.  The water is still chilly as is the sand but it is warming up slowly but surely.

You can click the photo to see it full sized if you like.

What is it like where you are?
 Care to share a photo?


  1. Lovely photo!
    First Date was my Junior Prom. It was just OK. No blind dates. Best date was ten mile walk. I recommend it!

  2. Hi Annie;
    I'm going to enjoy doing this one. Loved your answers especially no. 5 the Bronx Zoo. The morning photo of the bay is so inviting. Makes me wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie! I really need to catch up and I'm going to do the memes I missed tomorrow. I'm guilty of not blogging. I hope you're well and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend. Hugs.

  4. Hi Annie, I was working on my blog when you visited me and I added more pictures.
    I am trying to make time to just scrap. I will do your meme with my next blog post. Beautiful picture. Hugs

  5. Awwww, such a lovely sapphire blue bay you have there! So envious! Here it's gray, gloomy, cold and (no surprise!) rainy. Sob! :(
    Beautiful meme! :)

  6. Lovely photo, Annie! That blue water is gorgeous! We've had hot, humid but thunderstorms and heavy rain in the evening. I sure would love to live near the water like you do!


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