May 7, 2014

Hello.. Come In!

These front door ideas from Home and Garden are just so nice.

  I am surprised that I like the lime door as much as I do but it really shouts '  Welcome' I think.
Do you like how the mailbox says :"hello"?   I do.    Might be nice to write "have a nice day" inside the open top as a message to the mailman too.

These shutters add a lovely touch to this front door.  It seems kind of Caribbean looking.
Notice the basket on the shutter for mail or magazines perhaps?  
My parents home had real hurricane shutters on the windows and doors.   They were heavy hard wood and very wide with big wrought iron hardware to lock  and secure them in high winds.    I was disappointed when they replaced them with the skinny and useless fake ones.
Above this door is a stencil too.   How sweet it looks.

I am really liking this pale green.  My own home is beige with dark green roof and accents. I think this color door might really pop out nicely.  The cottage needs painting.  I like the idea of varying shades of green with bits of brass accents.   Since it really is tiny, just a few feet over 1000 sq feet, and only one floor it is simple to paint.
My own front door has a large oval beveled glass window in it and in the sun it creates beautiful patterns inside the house.

You know they even sell lovely decals for doors
Look at this call box decal for a door.    How cool is this?

And here is a bit of whimsy every house should have in one way or another. From here.   I will definitely be doing this sometime soon.

 What is your front door like?  Would you change it in any way if you could?


  1. What a nice collection of front doors! I love that last one : )

  2. My sweet Annie, don't ask me to choose one of them, these front doors are all so wonderful !
    And the one for the mouse, very original and funny, never seen before!
    Happy day my dear, hugs !

    P.S.: my front door is arc-shaped in dark brown wood, you know, I live in an old stone house and it's very old too, we try to preserve it, for it's quite elderly ;) !

  3. Hi, Annie. That green door is an eye catcher for sure! I like the soft green color and would love that for my front door. I live in a rented home and the door is just plain white and not very inspiring. I love the cute little ladder and door! So cute. Have a lovely day.

  4. Hi Annie! I love love love that lime door! And we have a brick house too. hmmm :) Cute post. Hope you're doing well! Hugs!


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