June 26, 2014

Ice Cream Meme

This is the Ice Cream Meme.
Everyone likes ice cream in the summer. Most people love it all year long.
Since my spinal surgery last May,  I have craved ice cream and milk because my body is producing a whole lot of new bone and I guess my body needs the milk.
Right now, ice cream is on my mind.

1. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
     ice cream!

2. Vanilla or chocolate?
      vanilla is my favorite

3. Hard ice cream or soft ice cream?
     hard packed ice cream usually

4.  What do you call the little things you shake on top of the cone? Do you want them in chocolate or multi colored?
     well, here at the Jersey Shore ( which is nothing and I do mean NOTHING like the TV program Jersey Shore.. sigh) we call the colored ones sprinkles and the chocolate ones are called Jimmies.
 No,  we have no idea why.

5.  Soft cake cone,hard sugar cone or pretzel cone?
       Sugar cone!

6.  If you could make up an ice cream flavor, what would it be like?
      Vanilla ice cream with Caramel,  marshmallow, peanuts and a  swirl  of fudge.
7.  What would you name it?
      Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

What are your answers.... Answer on your own blog and  let us know in comments that you joined in so everyone can visit your blog and read your answers.

Might interest  you to know that an ice cream tester who was able to identify every ice cream brand blind folded said that BlueBell Ice Cream from Texas was the best in the world!
He named Breyer's the second best in the world.
 Today we have the gourmet brands that are pretty good too.

Until next time repeat our mantra,  Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream.


  1. I love ice cream all kinds and frozen yogurt yummy! What a most darling topper for your blog. Time to enjoy some wonderful summer life. I myself do not like summer because it is to hot inland in CA in the 100's. So perhaps someday we can live closer to the beach and I can enjoy summer!
    Today I am posting a few Sail Boat Blocks I did yesterday and today. I am getting ready to start the third one. Slow going after cutting all that fabric. that part I don't like at all. :)
    Have a wonderful summer! Big hugs

  2. Ice cream is one of my favorite subjects too! There's just nothing like it! Enjoyed your answers. I emailed you. Did you get it?

    1. Got it and replied! Thank you Melanie!

  3. Hmmm, my posts have not been going through...so posting again. I enjoyed your ice-cream meme and your answers very much. Mine are also posted. I love Blue Bell Ice Cream too. So good!! Have a great weekend. ♥

  4. I love ice cream on a sugar cone (but don't have it often here in Scotland, it's always so cold and damp); I don't like vanilla or chocolate, but fruity flavors like peach, strawberry, lemon and fig. :) Snickerdoodle is such a cool name for an ice cream! :) Happy Monday ahead, Annie.

  5. About ice creams we have really the same tastes, my dear Annie !
    Thank you for what you write, it's such a pleasure to read you here, every time it's as know you a little more, and every time I discover in you a always more enchanting person !
    I wish you a lovely new week, my dear

  6. Fun meme! I love ice cream both hard and soft. We call them sprinkles as well except for the chocolate ones, we call them chocolate sprinkles and not jimmies. Great meme, Annie! I also loved your answers to Toni's meme.


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