June 18, 2014

Iced Tea Month

It is National Iced Tea Month so this week's meme
is about iced tea!

What brand of regular tea makes the best iced tea?
I like to use Barry's Tea from Ireland. It is strong and makes very nice iced tea.   One sachet makes a little pot of tea.
If I don't have my Barry's I use whatever is on hand.

If I am using lemon, then yes, please.
I like the super fine kind made to dissolve quickly. You end up using less of it. If I am not using lemon then no sugar at all please.

Fresh lemon or bottled?

Fresh lemon absolutely!  It tastes so wonderful.

Ever drink flavored iced teas like raspberry or spice?
Yes but I like plain tea the best.

Lemon or mint or both?
I like lemon the best but since I do grow many kinds of mint I also use that from time to time.

Now it's your turn....


  1. I do love iced tea in the summer! Here in the south "sweet tea" is the thing but I prefer mine without sugar. Great meme. I'll join later on today!

  2. I love iced tea in hot weather. Blogged today, meme answers tomorrow!

  3. Hi Annie!! I love Iced Tea!! Great answers to your meme. I posted my answers on my blog also. :)

  4. Zeno and I love iced tea in the summertime. :) We like it lemony and a bit sweet (w either use stevia or brown sugar). Happy Summer, Annie!

  5. I have Kia and Zeno's same taste, during hot days in summer I love to refresh myself with cold tea sweetened with just the addition of a bit of brown sugar and lemon juice :)
    Have a lovely Sunday, my dear <3


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