June 6, 2014

Memes and More Memes

Rainy weather marked my little time off, but that is okay and today is sunny and cool and the fish are happy.
Tomorrow will be marked by hot weather in the 80's something I am never fond of in this very humid climate.   I do not mind if the humidity is low but here in New Jersey, a sub-tropical state, believe it or not, it is very often too humid for me .
The bay and ocean are a chilly 63° F but it will heat up to 70 and more soon enough.
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If you want to see a beach cam near me you can check HERE and HERE
 You must endure a short commercial first but it isn't long or too awful. They help the towns pay for the cameras, many of which were destroyed in 'Sandy' last year.
We are still recovering here at the shore.

My meme is at the bottom of the page but in the meantime I will join in Toni's

#01 Favorites What's Yours?

1. Favorite Outfit To Wear:  A three quarter length sleeve cotton shirt, something denim or blue on the bottom.

2. Favorite Hair Color & Style: Very light  Blonde and cut in a medium length bob.

3. Favorite Kind Of Shoes: Minnetonka moccasins or Bass Weejun loafers . Sandals in summer.

4. Favorite Way To Relax:    Watching old film noir movies or old BBC comedies like The Good  Life or  As Time Goes By.

I also joined in on the older meme Toni put up on Thursday:

Onesome: One-- or more siblings? ...or just you? I have a brother and sister who are over 20 years older than me. My brother has 'walked on' as the Navajo say.

Twosome: Two-- favorite shows on this season? I have not been watching television at all. I hate watching alone. I will be back watching Pretty Little Liars with the Famous Anonymous on June 10.

 Threesome: Three-- ways to cook hot dogs? Fried in olive oil until crispy and then served Italian style topped with fried potatoes, fried red and green peppers and onions. Or, German style with mustard and a ton of rinsed, drained and cooked saurkraut! I am not a fan of them boiled or microwaved.

Now for my meme about your Home Decor with my answers in italic:

Coffee Time on my Kitchen Table
1. Describe your home decor style.
Victorian really. Very eclectic in places.
2. What changes would you make to your interior design? If you have made some would you tell us about it please?
I would buy new book cases and replace what I have. I plan on doing that soon and will show photos once it is done.
3. Would you share a photo of a room or an area in a room that you especially like and tell us why?  (Just a photo of a table top or plants or anything else would do nicely to show a bit of 'you' and your style.)
I like my oak dining table with it's Victorian chairs and big thick pedestal bottom.  This photo shows it ready for coffee.
You can click the photos to enlarge them if you like.
Coffee carafe from Shop Rite, tablecloth from Target.

Join in won't you?   Let's rejuvenate blogging and get people interested once again while we learn about one another.
If you join in tell us in comments so we can visit you!


  1. I love the first photo of the goldfish....such beautiful colors!

  2. Happy Friday Annie: I enjoyed the beach cams and love the photo of the fish in the little pond. It must be so calming sitting and watching them.
    I enjoyed reading your answers to all the memes and am copying and pasting yours meme questions to put online for tomorrow along with a couple of photos. Your tabletop photo is lovely. I used to have the same coffee carafe a few years back. My coffee doesn't last long enough to use one now. :)
    Have a lovely end of the week my friend. Hugs

  3. Hi, Annie. I enjoyed your answers to Toni's meme and yours as well. I'll get on doing it on my blog later today. Memes are fun, aren't they? I understand about humidity. Florida is a tropical state complete with high humidity. Not fun.

  4. Hi Annie! Hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed your meme answers and especially love your meme this week. :) I was thinking, "I wonder where she got that adorable tablecloth?" and then, bam, there was a link! hehe Thanks for that :) Have a wonderful Monday. Hugs

  5. I enjoy reading your memes. I don't have a style of decorating. There is a huge mix of styles in my apartment-from IKEA to some antiques. I like to think it is warm and inviting.


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