June 3, 2014

Mini Time Off

Around the neighborhood things are green as can be!

What a gorgeous day it is today. Sunny and balmy warm.
The sky is super blue and just lovely. I  enjoying  watching Monarch butterflies take nectar from the blossons.
 So pretty.

I will be taking a few days off but will be back blogging on Thursday evening.

I should have a new meme then and I do hope you are enjoying them.


  1. Hi Annie! Hope you're having a lovely week thus far. The weather has been so nice. Even the humidity isn't bothering as much after this past winter. lol Beautiful pictures, lucky you to live on the water like that. I could only wish. Enjoy your break from blogging, I think a majority of us are taking more breaks than not these days. Good luck with your recipe binder! I hope you share pictures. Hugs!

  2. Have a beautiful blogging break!

  3. I hope you enjoy your time off. Looking forward to your meme. Lovely photo of the green and the water. So peaceful!

  4. How much peace and serenity we can breathe looking at your beautiful picture and reading your lovely words, my dear Annie !
    Thank you, I'm so glad to have you among my blog friends <3
    Sending much love <3

  5. Looking forward to your return.

  6. Hi Annie; After the crazy storm we had yesterday, today was a perfect day. Now it's muggy but still nice. Enjoy your days away from blogging my friend. "See" you when you return. I'm looking forward to doing your meme when you do. Hugs


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