June 17, 2014

Tuesday 4

Since it is Tuesday, it is time for Toni's Tuesday 4 Meme.

#03 An Hour, A Day, A Month, A Year

1. How many hours a day do you watch TV?
I probably watch about one hour of TV a week.  
 Like Toni I like the easy listening station on cable TV.  They play songs I remember from the old radio stations of my childhood, songs my parents knew and loved. I find it comforting and relaxing to hear old standards.
I watch Pretty Little Liars, though tonight is my granddaughter's graduation from 8th grade so that will replace our TV date!
Other than that I watch little TV.  I did have the habit of watching City Confidential on the Bio channel but they changed it to early morning instead of the later time and it isn't convenient anymore.

2. How many days in a week do you cook at home?   6 days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Sometimes I get a chicken schnitzel sandwich after physical therapy since I get so hungry, but not too often.

3. How many times a month do you go to the movies?
  More like how many times a year!  I go very rarely and usually to accompany the Famous Anonymous so she has someone with her.  I go now more often than in previous years when I really never went at all. 
I have been to the movies twice so far this year to see movies with her. Godzilla was one and Divergent was the other.  We will probably go see the new Step Up movie too.  3 movies in a year is huge for me.

4. How many vacations do you take a year?
Vacations are not in the budget  but I sure could use one.  
I do get some day trips here and there though and that's very nice!

My meme will be up on Thursday afternoon.
Since there is graduation this evening I will be around to visit tomorrow morning.
Have a splendid day.


  1. Hi Annie! I'm not big on TV either especially during the summer. I do occasionally watch the Law & Order: SVU marathon or ID. Love your shadow box! Great idea. Hope you're enjoying your week. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie; I enjoyed reading your answers. Vacations aren't in the budget for me either. ;-) I'm off to get your meme to post for tomorrow. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs


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