June 10, 2014

Tuesday Doings

am joining in on Toni's Tuesday 4 Meme:
 #02 If You Could Only You Would:

 1. If you could only choose any place on earth to live..you would?
 Live here on the Northern East Coast. I think I would really love Massachusetts. I love upstate New York as well.  I do enjoy the Jersey shore so much too.
 2. If you could only buy anything you ever wanted..you would?
 Season tickets to the Metropolitan Opera and dinners out.
 3. If you could only do whatever your heart desires..you would?
Bring peace and brotherhood for all mankind. But I know it is coming! 
4. If you could only write a great novel about (any genre)...you would?
A Mystery story of course since I am a die hard Agatha Christie fan!

 Today has been an on and off cloudy, rainy ,sunny day today.
Sometimes the sun peeks out but mostly the sky has been silvery gray all the day long.
I had physical therapy this morning which I enjoy despite the hard work.  Hey, it's a day out right?   But really they are so nice there its fun to go.
The place is surrounded with Bridal Wreath and Mock Orange bushes  making it very pretty with a wonderful scent in the air.
Tonight is Pretty Little Liars and dinner with the Famous Anonymous kid.  We  will see the end of the last season and then watch the season opener.   I really got hooked on this show!

Afternoon on the Bay

 I am reading the  Complete New Yorker book my daughter gave me with all about it from the first issue until now.
It comes with CD's as well as the book and is usually $100 but she got it for 10 on the sale table!
How nice is that!

 I have never subscribed to the New Yorker or Vanity Fair both of which I really like.  I think I will have to remedy that one of these days.
 I once did subscribe to the Saturday Evening Post and I used to really love that.
In my email I get articles from the Farmer's Almanac and from Better Homes and Gardens. Both are great.
When I was a kid I liked reading comic books and magazines much more than books.

Do you subscribe to any magazines?
 Do you enjoy magazine reading?     Which ones?


  1. Hi Annie! I too did Toni's meme. Season tickets to the Opera sound lovely! I used to subscribe to Saturday Evening Post as well. I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore mainly because everything is online now days. Hope you have a great Wednesday. Hugs

  2. Hi, Annie. I do like Agatha Christie too. Upstate NY is lovely - that is where I grew up, near Albany. Wouldn't want to face those kind of winters again, though! Have a lovely day! Hugs

  3. It's always such a great pleasure to come and visit you my dear friend and keep in touch with your sweet heart !
    I need to contact you as soon as possible, so please send me an e-mail ( you can find my address in my profile ), I've tryed to send you an e-mail several times but gmail doesn't accept your address, probably I do something wrong ... indeed, surely !
    In the hope to be able and tell you what I want and need quite soon I thank you so much and wish you a wonderful new day <3

  4. Hi Annie; Enjoyed reading your answers to the meme. They are a lot like mine. I love the opera and not being able to go to NY, I watch a lot of them on PBS' Great Performances. As you know, I'm a big Agatha Christie fan myself. Thank you for joining in on the meme.
    THe weather here has been rainy on and off since Monday and I'm looking forward to see the sun again. :) Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs


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