July 11, 2014

Another Weekend and a Meme

After a very nice week we are headed into the weekend.
Yesterday got away from me as I had physical therapy and other things to do which took more time than I had estimated.
Some wasp bites made me terribly uncomfortable too.

 I promised a meme and here it is.
I should get a regular day for it as right now its pretty haphazard.  Toni has it down to  a science and I should get on the stick and fix a day etc.

Week End Doings

1. Do you look forward to the weekend?
No more than any other time   since I do not work. But seeing more family is always nice.
2. Are your weekends spent dashing around or is it a time for relaxing?
More relaxing as I don't work around the house at all and do my cooking ahead of time.
3. Ever take mini weekend get aways?
   As a kid Sunday drives were big for my family as my Dad had some time free then.
Used to try to go to Cape May for a Sunday drive. It is a beautiful Victorian town down at the very bottom of N.J.   Amazingly beautiful homes and a favorite vacation spot of President Lincoln and others . Still popular with tourists though it is not the only town with old  mansions along the seaside.
4. Do you eat more casually on weekends or more formally?
      more formally since it involves more people.
5. What is an ideal couple of days off for you weekend or not?
A  nice trip to the Poconos , New York mountain areas or upper New England is lovely in summer or fall and I never turn down a stay at a 5 star hotel. (Yes I am a hotel snob but there is a story behind that which I will relate one day)--  but I have not traveled in a while now.

If you decide to take part in the meme, leave a comment so others can visit your blog, read your answers  and get to know you! If you visit the other blogs leave them a comment so they can return the visit.  Get blogging going!

Make your weekend special whatever you do by savoring every minute life offers you!

The big back pond teaming with fish of orange , white and lemon yellow.


  1. Hi Annie! I can't wait to do this meme! Hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend - filled with all things good! Hugs

  2. Sorry Annie - I typed in my address wrong. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie! Great meme! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You make the east coast sound very lovely. I've never gotten to explore it much being brought up in the Southwest. Maybe someday...

  5. Hi, Annie. It looks so lovely where you live! Meme done! Have a great weekend.

  6. My dear Annie,
    in general I'm quite busy during the weekend for I'm engaged in works of restore at home or outside ... well, honestly I don't remember to have spent a weekend where I could relax, alas !
    As you can see in these days of the week I cannot take care of the cooking too, another matter of regret to me that I love cooking so much ... but I have to admit that summer weekends are beautiful anyway, because generally spent in the open air !

    The water of your pond is so beautiful, my dear !

    Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday ahead <3

  7. Hi Annie! I love the seaside graphics you've made! Just my style! Even tho I don't work anymore, I do look forward to the weekends because we don't have the boys here. I do enjoy them but it's nice to have a little free time back, too. Jeff and I are usually hotel snobs, too, but the exception is when we do a dog vacation... then I don't mind a place I don't have to worry about. We live right near the Four Seasons, Westlake and they allow dogs- Oprah uses the hotel for her dogs when there are brush fires near her home in Santa Barbara- only the best for her dogs! ;) (((Hugz)))

  8. Hi Annie! I just finished your weekend meme, & loved doing it! Have a wonderful week! Hugs

  9. Hi Annie, I just did the virtual blog. I love that picture of the pond. Have a great week. Hugs

  10. Ciao Annie, I am always looking forward to the weekend because I get to spend more time with Zeno, and we usually go for long walks or hikes somewhere nice and quiet. :)
    I loved New England in summer, such a beautiful place. And the people are so friendly there. xo

  11. Hi Annie!! Great meme and I enjoyed your answers!! I posted mine today. Have a nice week. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  12. Hi Annie; Loved your meme and answers. I will be copying it and putting it up on my blog with my answers of course, :) tomorrow. Today is the only day I'll get to rest before I'm out and running again. I love that back pond photo. I could see myself sitting on a nearby rock and just soaking in the peaceful sound of the waterfall. Thank you for posting it. Have a lovely day dear friend. Hugs

  13. Hi Annie! I know you are tucked away in your bed (unless you are a night owl like me), but I wanted to drop by & say 'goodnight', & to thank you for the work & effort you put into the memes. It's so sweet of you & Toni to do this. Sleep well, & have a blessed Thursday. Hugs

  14. Hi Annie! I wanted to stop by & wish you a happy Friday & a blessed weekend! Hope it's fun! Hugs

  15. Hi Annie, I loved your meme answers! I too like the fancier hotels and I have stayed in all kinds but the really nice ones are so worth it! We like to go out on long "Sunday" drives too (even with the gas prices) because you get to just see so much. Have a wonderful Thursday!


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