July 8, 2014

Hot Tuesday

Just got home from physical therapy, made myself a salad for lunch and a nice hot cup of coffee.
It is a very hot day today.  The sun bakes you when you stand outside.  My spine seems to enjoy that!

Here are my answers to Toni's Tuesday 4 Meme.

 What Are Or Is Your:

 1. Favorite Smells?      Cedar and Pine. My perfumes. Fresh laundry.

 2. Favorite View?        Trees in fall.  The Pocono Mountains, the bay and ocean.                                                                 Snow  falling on a cold winter night.  Sunset on the water

 3. Favorite Tastes?     Vanilla, Hazelnut.  Napoleons and Baklava... oh yum.

 4. Favorite Sounds?  Dogs barking in the night.  Chinese wind chimes. Trains and their whistles in the distance.   Wind through the trees in summer.  Wind howling in the winter.
Waterfall in the pond. 

Sunset reflections on one of  the  salt ponds by the bay.


  1. If you want to bake in the sun, come to Las Vegas Annie. :) It truly does feel like you're baking!

    I loved your answers! I forgot fresh laundry...I also love that scent. Dogs barking in the night & the sound of a train make me feel sad. Funny how sounds affect people differently.

    Have a blessed Wednesday! Hugs

  2. Hi, Annie, Every time I read more answers to this meme, I'm reminded of other favorites of mine. I forgot all about wind chimes! Wonderful serene photo! Hugs

  3. I too forgot wind chimes as I love sitting and listening to them. As for trains you know how I feel about them Annie. :) Enjoyed all your answers and always love your photos. BTW, I love your new header too. Hugs my friend.

  4. Hi Annie! I just love your answers! I too love wind chimes and trains in the distance. I also love boat horns in the distance. I miss that a lot. We used to leave about a mile or so from the water and you could see the river from our house in the winter. Snow falling at night is another great one! Hope you had a beautiful Wednesday! Hugs!

  5. Well like everyone else I too love wind chimes. Might I add that nothing smells better than a baby after a bath and powdered with baby powder.


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