July 4, 2014

The Cost of the United States of America

"Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor"

No nation is like her and her founders fully understood that.
 They understood it so well that they pledged everything to make it happen.
Lives, fortunes, all of it.    And, they stood behind it.
She has been, by the goodness of God,the only nation that has stood between freedom and tyranny.
 These are the heroes who pledged everything for the greatest dream ever seen on earth. It will surprise you who these men were and how much they sacrificed.
 These are the stories you never heard before and that I hope you will never forget.
So many men and women lost their lives to create her, to preserve her and for the freedom and rights that so many are holding so cheaply now.
 I will post a meme tomorrow evening. In the meantime, have a happy and patriotic Fourth of July.  Remember what it all cost.
 Pray for our nation.

The Signers from the 13 states:

 Delaware:      George Read • Caesar Rodney • Thomas McKean

 Pennsylvania :      George Clymer • Benjamin Franklin • Robert Morris • John Morton • Benjamin Rush • George Ross • James Smith • James Wilson • George Taylor

 Massachusetts:     John Adams • Samuel Adams • John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine • Elbridge Gerry

 New Hampshire :     Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple • Matthew Thornton

 Rhode Island :    Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery

 New York :     Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston • Francis Lewis • William Floyd

 Georgia:  Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall • George Walton

 Virginia :   Richard Henry Lee • Francis Lightfoot Lee • Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison • Thomas Jefferson • George Wythe • Thomas Nelson, Jr.

 North Carolina :    William Hooper • John Penn • Joseph Hewes

 South Carolina:    Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton • Thomas Lynch, Jr. • Thomas Heyward, Jr.

 New Jersey :    Abraham Clark • John Hart • Francis Hopkinson • Richard Stockton • John Witherspoon

 Connecticut:  Samuel Huntington • Roger Sherman • William Williams • Oliver Wolcott

 Maryland:    Charles Carroll • Samuel Chase • Thomas Stone • William Paca

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest at 70 and Edward Rutledge the youngest aged 26.


  1. Great post, Annie and so well needed. Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

  2. I also wanted to say that I hope you're doing okay weather wise and that Hurricane Arthur didn't cause you much problem. Hugs

  3. Fantastic post Annie; Thank you for the remiinder. Hope your 4th was a blessed and lovely one. We had stormy and rainy weather here so all our plans were shot. It's a quiet weekend ahead for me. I'll be posting my virtual tour entry on Monday. Enjoy your weekend my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Annie! I'm still not posting, so I normally don't leave a tag, but I feel guilty about that. So I am here to amend my ways. :) I so enjoyed your post. I have always loved that Paul Harvey spot. Hoping Hurricane Arthur hasn't affected your area. I am pondering getting back into blogging, so looking forward to seeing what your meme will be. Take care Annie. Hugs!

  5. Guess who? :D Good to read you again, Annie. I skipped back over several entries and was trying to find how you are doing with your back. I see you are rebuilding bone with the use of ice cream... good plan! ;) I decided to post after receiving a few emails expressing concern that something had happened to me. So many of my blog friends are on FB so most knew everything was fine. Looking at the photo of Brandy reminds me of Kanan and how his muzzle is graying. He will be 9 in September... hope he can live a nice long life, too. (((Hugz)))

  6. Fron Italy with all my heart I'm saying with you 'God bless America' !
    In the hope that the hurricane Arthur hasn't made so many damages as they were expected to you and your dears, I wish you a lovely Independence Week End
    Sending much love, my dear and sweet friend xoxox


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