August 8, 2014

"Gadgets "

Today's meme is entitled Gadgets You Can't Do Without

So many gadgets fill our lives today. Standard things of the past are gone or going and our youngest generation cannot really relate to a lot of it.
I have told the story of our youngest, now 6, who, seeing a pay phone in a lobby asked what in the world that thing was!
When told it was a phone she was amazed. It was so big.  Sadly it did not work anymore  because we wanted to let her make a call on it and see how the dial worked and how it sounded.
So, what new fangled gadgets fill your life now and have become staples you would rather not do without? ( I have expanded the meaning of gadget to include larger appliances and technologies)

1. What kitchen gadget do you rely on the most?  (this would include fancy coffee makers, mixers, microwaves, etc.)
 My computerized crock pot is a real treat! I use it to make meals in advance. Love it!
It cooks then automatically switches itself to warm. 
 I would also love a counter top water purifier that removes fluoride from water.
Many believe fluoride contributes to brittle bones and spinal problems. It makes bone hard, but brittle hard,not strong hard.

2. Could you handle going back to the pre-microwave days? How about the days of making coffee on a stove top percolator?
 I got a microwave for when I was recuperating from surgery to heat up meals my daughter had prepared for me.
 I barely use it at all anymore and can do quite nicely without it.
I like the old fashioned percolators. Love the sound of them percolating the coffee.
I love the sound of a whistling tea kettle too.

3. Would you miss your cell phone (If you have one. Some are still hold outs, God bless 'em)
    Not at all. I dislike my fancy cell.  I want my Princess back. It's little it's lovely, it lights!
I resent being on call 24 hours anytime, anywhere.  I dislike seeing people with phones glued to their ears all over the place and especially in cars! I dislike having to hear people talking on the phone in public. Just awful.

4.  Could you turn off your computer and never bother with it again?  I know we can all do what we have to do in emergencies, etc, but I mean could you make a voluntary decision not to use one anymore?
I would miss the opportunity for research and information that computer provides. I would very much miss my blogging friends too!
I watch old tv programs on computer as well.

5.  What about television?  Could you give it up for just radio?
That is before my time but,  I think I could as I listen to old time radio all the time even now and often prefer it to TV.

6. Would you trade modern music venues for old 33  1/3 snap, crackle and pop recordings?
No, I wouldn't like to except for occasional nostalgia. I often listen to old recordings from the 20s through the 50's on youtube just for fun.

Here is an old recording from 1934... before my time for sure but the song withstands the test of time.


  1. Hi Annie. Looks like another really cool meme. I'll be doing it tomorrow. Thanks for the fun. Hugz! Happy w/e.

  2. Hi, Annie Very interesting meme. I'll get on it today. I enjoyed your answers. Hugs

  3. Hi Annie, a very fun meme! I know I am addicted to my computer and the tv!
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. I read this again and I have to comment that you echo my thoughts about cell phones. I resisted one for a long time and even longer before I got a smart phone. I've watched families at Disney World with half of them glued to their phone either talking or texting. Very strange!

  5. Happy Sunday Annie; I loved this fun meme. Some of the old time gadgets were not before my time and I grew up with them. I will have it for my Wednesday post. I'm sitting here really enjoying the Al Bowlly video and music. Have a lovely day dear friend. Hugs

  6. Fun to read this, tough to think of doing without some things...I have a metal egg slicer a friend gave me when she moved out of state over 35 years ago and I am still using it. Could get along without a cell phone and TV and microwave but not the computer. I listen to music very little..need to change that.

  7. Happy rainy Wednesday from my neck of the woods Annie, hope your day is sunnier. I have your meme up in my post today. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs


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